Rajasthan News / Indira Gandhi's power is gone, one day PM Modi will also go - Satya Pal Malik

Zoom News : Nov 21, 2022, 10:05 AM
Former Governor Satyapal Malik once again lashed out at the Modi government. He said – the situation of the country is going to worsen in the coming times. Multiple battles are about to begin. Only Modi government is responsible for this. Malik said- Modi should not forget that power comes and goes. Do not put the country in such a bad condition that it cannot be improved again.

During this, Malik targeted the Rajasthan government on the issue of OBC reservation and said – the government which tampers with the OBC reservation will go. In fact, former Governor Satyapal Malik had reached the swearing-in ceremony of Rajasthan University President Nirmal Chowdhary. During this, Ladnun MLA Mukesh Bhakar, former university president Anil Chopra, Vice Chancellor Prof. Rajeev Jain were also present along with Malik.

Many types of fighting are going to start in the country

Governor Satyapal Malik said – In some time many types of battles are going to start in the country. Farmers will again start agitation against the government. At the same time, the youth will also open a front against the government. The Agniveer scheme of the central government is just a conspiracy to destroy Kisan Com. Because the children of farmers used to go to good positions in the army after being educated. Those people used to give opportunity to the children of other farmers to join the army after being educated. Now the youth will not be able to do anything in the army job of only 3 years. I have come to know that youth with Agniveer will not be allowed to even touch weapons. In such a situation, the central government is engaged in destroying the army.

Modi ji, don't forget that power comes and goes.

Satyapal Malik said - I am speaking Brahma sentence. The country where farmers and youth are not happy. No one can save that country. Modi ji should understand that power comes and goes. Earlier people used to say that no one can remove Indira Gandhi. But he also had to go and Modi ji will also have to go. That's why Modi ji, don't spoil the situation so much that it cannot be rectified.

previous statement

Satyapal Malik had given a statement even about 5 months ago that if the law on MSP is not made in time, there will be a fierce fight between the farmers and the government in the country. I myself carry my resignation in my pocket.