Coronavirus / Just recovered from corona So keep these things in mind to be healthy again

Zoom News : May 27, 2021, 10:00 AM
Coronavirus: Those who have won the recent battle with Corona have recovered. They must take some precautions, otherwise they may face some problems even after recovering completely from the corona. For example, recovered people need more protein, vitamins and minerals so that their health can be fully recovered again.

Keep these things in mind-

Follow the proper behavior for Kovid-19 (Masks, hands and breath

Hygiene, physical distance)

- Drink lukewarm water in sufficient quantity.

- Take immunity boosters as prescribed by doctors.

- Regular resumption of housework and professional work in a phased manner

Do it

Eat a balanced and nutritious diet, eat fresh and easily digested food.

- Get enough sleep and rest.

- Avoid smoking and alcohol.

Take the medicines prescribed for Kovid-19 regularly and treat it if there is any other disease.

- Check your own health at home, such as temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar measurement (if diabetic), oxygen check with pulse oximeter, etc. (if consulted by a doctor).

- If persistent dry cough / larynx persists, then gargle with salt water and keep taking steam. Take cough medicine in consultation with a doctor.

- Be alert for early symptoms of high fever, shortness of breath, oxygen level below 95, chest pain, weakness in focus.