Special / Kerala boy made wine from grapes after watching a video on YouTube

Zoom News : Jul 31, 2022, 12:26 PM
In Kerala's capital Thiruvananthapuram, a 12-year-old boy made wine from grapes after watching a video on YouTube, which he then gave to his friend. This made his health very bad. According to the report, he started vomiting after drinking alcohol. Seeing his deteriorating health, he was admitted to a hospital in Chirayinkizhu.

He was later discharged from the hospital and his condition is said to be stable, the police official said. He said that the incident happened on Friday. Based on the information received by the police, a case has been registered. During interrogation, the boy told that he had made wine using grapes bought by his parents.

The bottle was buried under the ground after making liquor

According to the officer, the boy said that he had not mixed any other alcohol in it. After making the wine, he filled it in a bottle and buried it under the ground, according to a video seen on YouTube. Police said the boy's mother was aware that he was trying his hand at making liquor, but did not take it seriously.

Police sent a sample of liquor for investigation

The police team collected the sample of liquor made by the boy and sent it for chemical test with the permission of the court. The official said that after the investigation, it will be confirmed whether the accused had mixed any other chemical in the liquor or not. If any adulterated thing is found then a case will be registered under the Juvenile Justice Act.