Uttar Pradesh / Leopard attacked the farmer, only then came the pet dog, then...

Zoom News : Jul 26, 2021, 04:28 PM
A leopard hiding in the bushes attacked a farmer who was irrigating a standing paddy crop in his field in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh on Sunday. During this, his pet dog came in the middle and confronted the leopard. Losing his life, he saved the life of the owner. At present, there is an atmosphere of panic among the villagers after this incident.

The whole matter is of Gutaiya village of Puwaya police station area. Akhilesh Kumar was filling water in the paddy crop in his field on Sunday morning. During this, when the leopard came out of the bushes and wanted to attack them, the dog came forward and confronted the leopard itself.

A fight broke out between a pet dog and a leopard. During this, the pet dog could fight with the leopard for some time. The leopard then dragged the dog with him and killed him.

After this Akhilesh raised a noise and the villagers working in the fields came, but the leopard dragged the dog with him. Pet dog died in leopard attack. However, the dog saved the life of its owner.

After this, all the surrounding villagers informed about the matter to the forest workers of Khutar range. The villagers fiercely told the forest personnel who reached the spot. At present, the forest workers pacified the villagers with great difficulty, saying that the footprints of the leopard were not found.

Due to the roaming of leopard in Gutaya area, there is an atmosphere of panic among the people of all the surrounding villages. Farmer Akhilesh Kumar says that we were irrigating the field, when the leopard attacked, my dog ​​pounced on him and dragged him away. Akhilesh also mentioned the negligence of the forest department.