Viral / Man postpones marriage plans, joins farmers' protest during leave from UAE job

Zoom News : Dec 24, 2020, 08:31 AM
New Delhi: He is a pro-farmer by heart. While working in the UAE, his heart always cried for farmers back in his home state in Punjab. Yes, we are talking about Satnam Singh, who postponed his marriage plans and joined farmers protest during his 2-month leave from UAE.

As per updates, he got two-month leave after two years from his employer in the UAE. He was supposed to fly back, find a partner and get married. There was, however, a change in his plans.

Soon after reaching home in Punjab’s Jalandhar district on November 29, he got to know that his elder brother and farmers from his village were protesting at the Singhu border against the Centre’s contentious farm legislations.

Without giving it a second thought, he spent just two days with his parents, bought a new motorcycle and set out for the Delhi-Haryana border with a friend.  He said the marriage and job can wait but he needs to join the farmers in the protest to voice concern against Centre’s farm laws. He works as a plumber in a company in Abu Dhabi.

Thousands of farmers from Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and other states have been camping at several border points into Delhi for over three weeks, demanding that the new farm laws be repealed as they claim it would benefit the corporates, and end the traditional wholesale markets and the minimum support price regime.

Singh’s parents told him to get married during the leave. “They wanted me to meet some women,” he says. “My mother is aged around 70. It’s getting difficult for her to manage the house,” he added.

Satnam Singh’s friend, Sookha Singh, a differently-abled farmer who accompanied him, says his parents are alone back home, but they didn’t stop him once. Asked about how long he planned to be at the site, Satnam Singh is determined to stay put till they “win this fight”.

“I was a farmer before I got a job in Abu Dhabi. I need to save my fields first,” he added.