Country / Mother made chips for the son - but the son did not wake up once again know the full story

Zoom News : Oct 07, 2021, 10:24 AM
A mother loves her children as much as perhaps someone in this world does. 'I have made chips for my hero. Tell this, get up and eat it. Veer is very fond of chips. When relatives threw water on her face, the helpless mother started repeating the same thing again, my children, I have made chips for you.

Losing their children in front of their eyes is the biggest curse for a parent. In fact, terrorists attacked the house of BJP's urban divisional president Jasvir Singh on Thursday night in Khandli Pul area of ​​Rajouri city. Jasvir Singh's three-year-old nephew Veer Singh was killed in the attack, while six family members were badly injured.

At night, Veer fell asleep while demanding chips. His mother Swarna went to the kitchen to make chips. The family members of Masoom Veer told that he loved chips. When his mother saw outside the house, the shops were closed. Mother knew that when Veer wakes up, he will insist on chips. So Veer's mother Swarna went to the kitchen to make potato chips, but Honi had something else to do.

There was mourning in the house, everyone was horrified by the sound of gunfire all around. Then the whole family was sitting in the courtyard of the house. At the same time, Veer was sleeping on the cot nearby and preparations for dinner were going on. Meanwhile, the cowardly terrorists climbed on the roof of the house and threw a grenade in the courtyard from above, which exploded with a loud bang right near Veer's bunk. Seven members of the injured family, including Veer, were immediately rushed to the hospital. Where the innocent Veer died.

The crying of the family members is bad. Veer's aunt was repeatedly saying that what was Veer's fault. Our family has always been there for the people.