Jagdeep Dhankhar / My culture is to bow and greet - Dhankhar expressed grief over trolling

Zoom News : Dec 07, 2023, 01:03 PM
Jagdeep Dhankhar: Vice President of India and Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar has expressed his displeasure over being trolled on social media. As soon as the Rajya Sabha proceedings began today, he expressed grief over this. Dhankhar told the members of the House that he was hurt by the kind of comments made about him by some political parties in the past. He said that it is my culture to bow down and greet him.

Without naming any political party, the Rajya Sabha Chairman said that when he talked about this with a senior leader of the party concerned, even more objectionable remarks were made against him. Dhankhar said that he meets everyone by bowing and saying namaskar. They maintain their humility and follow their values but this tradition of Indian culture is being made fun of.

After Gandhi, PM Modi was called the man of the era

Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar had called Prime Minister Narendra Modi a man of the era in a public program last month. Later, in a program, the Vice President also explained in detail the reason why he considers Prime Minister Modi as a man of the era like Mahatma Gandhi. This statement of the Vice President was criticized politically by the opposition parties, calling it against the dignity of the post of Vice President.

Since then, the Vice President was trolled on social media by supporters of some political parties. Saddened by these comments, while presiding over the House as the Chairman in the Rajya Sabha today, he said that nowadays when he greets someone or bows before someone politely, he keeps in his mind that how much he will bow and what will be the condition of his spine. What comments will also be made about the strength of the bones. He said that he is feeling very hurt by these things.