Rajya Sabha Elections / How did it slip away from Akhilesh Yadav? Understand the complete arithmetic of UP here

Zoom News : Feb 28, 2024, 11:15 AM
Rajya Sabha Elections: BJP has achieved a big victory in the elections on 10 Rajya Sabha seats of Uttar Pradesh. Whereas SP had to be satisfied with only two seats. Samajwadi Party lost a total of 9 votes in this election. 7 SP MLAs went in favor of BJP, while one MLA Maharaji Prajapati did not come to vote. Apart from this, the vote of one SP MLA proved invalid. It is being told that Sharjeel Islam's vote has been found illegal.

Sources claim that this SP MLA has deliberately cast his vote in a wrong manner. That means, with 7 rebels, one absentee and one illegal vote, SP lost a total of 9 votes.

BJP and Rajbhar got a shock

BJP and its ally Om Prakash Rajbhar suffered the second blow in the Rajya Sabha elections. BJP's ally SubhaSP has a total of 6 MLAs. One of which, MLA Abbas Ansari, is in jail. That means SubhaSP had a total of 5 votes. One of these 5 MLAs, Jagdish Narayan, is accused of voting in favor of SP. That means Subhaspa could get only 4 votes for BJP.

252 BJP MLAs remained with him. BJP got 13 votes from Apna Dal, 9 from RLD, 6 from Nishad Party, 4 from SubhaSP, 2 from Jansatta Dal and 1 from BSP. Whereas Samajwadi Party has a total of 108 MLAs. Out of which 2 are in jail. That means SP had a total of 106 MLAs. If 9 of these MLAs are removed, then SP gets the votes of its 97 MLAs. Also, with the support of 2 Congress MLAs, SP got a total of 99 votes.

SP MLAs who rebelled

  • Manoj Pandey
  • Rakesh Pratap Singh
  • Abhay Singh
  • Rakesh Pandey
  • Vinod Chaturvedi
  • Pooja Pal
  • Ashutosh Maurya
Absent SP MLA

1- Maharaj Prajapati

Arithmetic of seats in UP

Total seats – 403

  • Vacant seats – 4
  • MLA in jail – 3
  • MLA who did not vote – 1
  • Total votes cast – 395
  • Total invalid votes – 1
  • Total valid votes – 394
  • BJP candidates got votes
  • Sanjay Seth – BJP – 43
  • Amarpal Maurya – 38
  • Tejveer Singh – 38
  • Naveen Jain – 38
  • Sadhna Singh – 38
  • Sudhanshu Trivedi – 38
  • Sangeeta Balwant – 38
  • RPN Singh – 37
SP candidates got votes

  • Jaya Bachchan – 41
  • Ramji Lal Suman – 40
  • Alok Ranjan – 19

  • All 8 candidates of BJP got victory. BJP's eighth candidate Sanjay Seth got the maximum 43 votes.
  • 2 out of 3 SP candidates won. Alok Ranjan lost the election. Jaya Bachchan got maximum 41 votes.