Special / Nagaland minister temjen imna on culture and first delhi visit

Zoom News : Jul 14, 2022, 12:01 PM
Special | These days, a minister from Nagaland remains the subject of discussion on social media due to his quirky and funny style. First of all, he had said something about small eyes that his statement had become viral. Meanwhile, he has posted a video in which he is talking about the culture of Nagaland as well as remembering his first visit to Delhi in the year 1999.

Actually, the name of this minister of Nagaland is Temjen Imna Alang. Temjen is currently the state president of the BJP. In one of his videos posted on Twitter, he is narrating an anecdote from Delhi station. He said that when I first came to Delhi in 1999 and landed at Old Delhi railway station, I was shocked to see the number of people there. This number was more than the entire population of Nagaland. I was shocked and couldn't believe it.

He further added that the people of the national capital have many misconceptions about the culturally rich Nagaland. Most people did not know where Nagaland is. They used to ask me if we needed a visa to go to Nagaland. People came to know about a rumor that the people of Nagaland eat humans. He jokingly said that people's suspicions must have been confirmed by my stature.

This is not the first time that Temjen Imna Alang has stunned people with her funny words. Earlier, recently he had presented a very unique solution regarding population growth. He wrote that be sensible about the issues of population growth and make wise choices when it comes to having children. Or be single like me and together we can contribute towards a sustainable future. Let's join the 'Single Movement'.