Fighter Jet F-21 / Now Pakistan-China will tremble! Offer from US to India regarding fighter jet F-21

Zoom News : Oct 01, 2022, 11:14 AM
Fighter Jet F-21: US arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin has started preparations to hand over the new fighter jet F-21 to the Indian Air Force. Let us tell you that the Defense Expo to be held in Gandhinagar, Gujarat will see a glimpse of Lockheed Martin's fighter jet F-21. Apart from fighter jets, many defense products of the company will also be seen at the Defense Expo. Fighter jet F-21 will be made in India. Fighter jet F-21 will technically be an advanced aircraft. Let us know about the specialty of fighter jet F-21.

Let us tell you that Lockheed Martin and Tata will jointly prepare the fighter jet F-21 in India. In this, the needs of the Indian Air Force will be taken care of. Lockheed Martin and Tata will build the fighter jet F-21 at the Aerostructures Limited (TLMAL) facility in Hyderabad. This effort of the Government of India will further the efforts of Make in India.

Know that the first glimpse of the fighter jet F-21 was shown by Lockheed Martin in the year 2019. Lockheed Martin had said that the fighter jet F-21 will be manufactured according to the special needs of the Indian Air Force. Fighter jet F-21 has the capability to fly for 12 thousand hours.

According to the information, the repair, overhauling and maintenance work of fighter jet F-21 will be done in India. According to the Indian Air Force, the fighter jet F-21 can prove to be the best. Fighter jet F-21 is being said to be an upgraded version of F-16. Pakistan has F-16.

Significantly, American defense product manufacturing company Lockheed Martin is one of the major companies in defense, security equipment and aerospace. The deal price of 114 fighter jet F-21 can be around Rs 10,674 crore. Modern technology has been used in the fighter jet F-21.

Let us tell you that the fighter jet F-21 is equipped with state-of-the-art weapons along with AEAA radar. It also gets technologies like Conformal Fuel Tanks, High Speed ​​Data Bus and Joint Helmet Mounted Queuing System II. In-flight re-fueling system has also been given in the fighter jet F-21.