Special / People were sitting on top of the truck, the barrier beat them up at the toll plaza

Zoom News : Jul 09, 2021, 06:51 PM
Hyderabad's Cyberabad Traffic Police has posted a funny video on Twitter. In this video some people were sitting on top of a truck that reached the toll plaza. As the truck came near the barrier, the barrier started falling on the people.

Actually, Cyberabad Traffic Police while posting this video wrote that it is always dangerous to drive fast and carry people in goods vehicles. The police have also used the hashtag road safety in this.

It is seen in the video that a mini truck comes to a stop at the toll block, some people are riding on that truck, who are sitting with their legs hanging in the very front. As the small truck comes to a stop at the toll, its barrier comes down and starts hitting the head of the people on the truck.

The interesting thing is that the barrier hit people's heads not once but several times, fortunately no one was seriously hurt in it. Before this mini truck, another car had reached there like this but it left fast.