India / Rajiv gandhi assassination nalini sriharan priyanka gandhi story when meet in jail

Zoom News : Nov 13, 2022, 09:31 PM
New Delhi : Nalini Sriharan, convicted in the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi's assassination case, told many surprising things after being released. He said that warrants for his execution had been issued seven times. At the same time, Sriharan also mentioned the meeting with Priyanka Gandhi in Vellore Jail. He tied the bridges of praising Priyanka Gandhi. He said, Priyanka is very kind. She is like an angel. Sriharan said, we were not treated well in the jail. But Priyanka Gandhi gave full respect.

Priyanka Gandhi started crying after meeting Sriharan

We were not allowed to sit in front of the officers in the jail. But when Priyanka Gandhi came to meet me, she made me sit next to her. It was a different experience for me. He further said, Priyanka Gandhi asked me about the murder of her father. She was very emotional. She also started crying during this.

Talking to NDTV, Sriharan said, the things that happened with Priyanka Gandhi cannot be told in public. Those may be his personal views. He said that he felt very sorry for the Gandhi family. On the question of meeting the Gandhi family, he said, please.

Nalini claims, had no role in the murder

Nalini told about the assassination of the former Prime Minister that she had nothing to do with it. He said that those involved in the murder were friends with the husband. Nalini claimed that she was arrested because of her acquaintance with them. When asked if he had any regrets for his role in the massacre. To this Nalini said, in fact I had no role at all. But he is sorry for what happened.

Sriharan said, those people were friends of my husband. That's why I knew him. I used to be very reserved. I never used to talk to him. I used to help them whenever they needed anything. I used to go to temple, market or theater with him. Although there was not much information about his family. He said in 2001 his death sentence was postponed. Before this, preparations were made to hang him seven times.

daughter was born in jail

Sriharan told that his daughter is a doctor in London. She was born in jail in 1992 and then in two years she got separated from her mother. He got married in 2019. During that time Sriharan got a month's parole and she also attended the wedding ceremony. He said, she has completely forgotten me. I only gave birth to him but had to part with him within two years. After coming out, he could not remember who I am. Now we are trying to refresh our memories again.

Please inform that Sriharan was punished in the 1991 Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. He was killed in a suicide attack during a public meeting. In the same case, Sriharan was convicted and sentenced to death. However, later the Supreme Court converted this sentence into life imprisonment.