Dhanteras 2021 / Shopping Shubh Muhurat and puja subh Muhurat of Dhnateras

Zoom News : Nov 02, 2021, 07:04 AM
Dhanteras 2021 Shubh Muhurat: Today (November 2, 2021, Tuesday) 5 days of Deep Parv has started with Dhanteras 2021. Diwali (Diwali 2021) will be celebrated on November 4 and this festival will end with the celebration of Bhai Dooj on November 6. On the day of Dhanteras, there is a trend to shop for things that are useful for a long time. It is believed that shopping on this day brings prosperity in the house throughout the year. But this time Dhanteras is even more special because today Tripushkar Yoga is being formed. The things bought in this yoga give 3 times profit.

very lucky coincidence

According to astrology, Tripushkar Yoga is being formed on Dhanteras today. There is a combination of 3 important planets. Sun, Mercury and Mars will remain in the same sign Libra. Since Venus, the lord of Libra, is the causative planet of material pleasures, buying things related to material pleasures during this conjunction will increase prosperity in the house. In such a situation, the purchase made in the auspicious time (Dhanteras 2021 Shopping Shubh Muhurat) will give a lot of profit. Also, by the grace of Maa Lakshmi, there will be happiness and prosperity in the house throughout the year. Tripushkar Yoga is considered the best for investment. Apart from this, it is also very auspicious to buy gold and silver, vehicles, houses.

good time for shopping

This year, the auspicious time to buy on Dhanteras (Dhanteras 2021 Shopping subh muhurat) will start with sunrise on November 2 and will remain till 11:30 am. There will be Tripushkar Yoga during this period. After this, nectar will be beneficial till 01:30 in the afternoon. This time is very auspicious for buying. After this, from 06:16 pm to 10:21 pm, it is also an auspicious time for shopping.

On the other hand, Lord Dhanvantari, Maa Lakshmi and Kuber Dev are also worshiped on Dhanteras. For this, there will be a Pradosh period from 05:37 in the evening to 08:11 in the night. At the same time, the auspicious time of worship (Dhanteras 2021 Puja Shubh Muhurat) will be from 06.18 pm to 8.14 pm.