Bihar / The teacher was doing dirty acts with the woman in a closed room, people killed her, then...

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 26, 2022, 05:20 PM
Buxar. In Bihar, there was a ruckus after a coaching operator was caught red handed with a married woman in a closed room. It is alleged that the teacher was doing dirty acts with that girl in the room. After catching the people, the woman was thrashed fiercely. Along with this, a video of the incident was also made viral. On the other hand, the teacher has registered a case against three people in this case accusing them of assault and molestation. Police is currently probing the matter.

According to the information received, a coaching teacher often does wrong things by bringing women in a house at a distance of Brahmapur police station area. Other people came to know about this. On Friday night also the teacher brought a married woman home. Meanwhile, the local people caught the teacher while raiding the closed room

After assaulting the teacher, people also made a video of him. However, they did not inform the police about this. On the other hand, after the incident, the coaching teacher has filed a case against three people accusing her of assault and molesting the girl.