Twitter News / Twitter withdrew its decision to charge $8 fee? Musk took this step after the flood of fake handles

Zoom News : Nov 12, 2022, 09:15 AM
Twitter News: After becoming the owner of Twitter, Elon Musk is continuously surprising his users by making new changes in this micro-blogging site. According to the report, Elon Musk has now made the $8 Blue Tick subscription unavailable. Twitter started this service for its iOS users, so that they could get blue tick verification on their profiles through paid service.

According to the report, this option which was earlier available in Twitter's iOS app is no longer visible. Users have complained that this feature is now unavailable. Getting an error message on applying for Blue Tick, which reads, "Thanks for your interest, Twitter Blue will be unavailable in your country in the future. Please check back later."

Fake accounts of many celebrities surfaced

Recently, in the US and other countries, it was priced at $ 7.99 to take Twitter's new subscription program, in which blue ticks or badges were being given on Twitter with additional features. However, now the blue tick verification option has suddenly disappeared from Twitter. According to the report, the company has taken this decision due to the increase in fake accounts of many famous brands and celebrities.

It is worth noting that earlier on Twitter, users used to get blue ticks after identity verification, but now in some countries including America, users could buy blue ticks by paying money. Twitter rolled out this service on Wednesday. After this users started misusing this facility. In such a situation, there was a flood of fake accounts with blue ticks on Twitter. Fake tweets were also started coming from the verified account, after which Twitter has made the decision of paid service unavailable for the time being.

Verified account in the name of Donald Trump

Fake accounts of many celebrities including former US President Donald Trump were revealed. Actually, the fake Twitter account that was being run in the name of Trump also had a blue tick. Similarly, several verified accounts were running in the name of gaming character 'Super Mario' and basketball player LeBron James, which are fake. Taking matters into his own hands, Elon Musk said that any Twitter account running under the name of a famous brand or celebrity would be disabled until they declared it a parody account.