Entertainment / Urfi javed stopped by a guard from entering in an event her angry mood video goes viral

Zoom News : Mar 28, 2022, 10:18 PM
Entertainment | An angry video of Urfi Javed is becoming quite viral on social media. In this video, Urfi is stopped from posing at the first gate. After that she gets very angry. After this, when she reaches inside, she is again asked to leave from there. Urfi gets very angry on this. Surprisingly, Urfi was invited to the event. It is believed that this happened due to misunderstanding of the guard. Urfi rained heavily on his team. Also told a lot to the organisers.

Guard stopped from posing

Urfi Javed is often in the headlines for her outfits. Something happened to him on Monday, due to which Urfi's mood got spoiled. Urfi had reached an event. She was wearing a front cutout dress. Photographers also reached there with them. When Urfi started posing at the gate, she was stopped. On this, she said angrily that when called, she cannot stop like this. Urfi goes inside. There she is posing at the entrance when the guard again refuses. Urfi gets furious over this. Urfi gets angry with her team as well. Organizers reach there as soon as Urfi gets angry. On this she says angrily, your guards are coming to drive away, I will not come to the event. Then a lot of effort is made to persuade them.

This video of Urfi Javed is viral. People are giving different reactions on this. Along with Urfi's getup, this time people's attention was also caught by her hairstyle. Urfi had made a bun and it had a lot of safety pins. From Urfi's outfits to hairstyles, many people have trolled.