USA / US man breaks Guinness World Record with 42.5-inch mohawk, pics released

Republic : Aug 28, 2020, 04:08 PM
Washington: Joseph Grisamore, a man from the United States broke the Guinness World Record for the tallest mohawk that measures 42.5 inches. Reports suggest that Grisamore is the residence of Park Rapids in Minnesota. His first attempt to break the record was in the year 2007 and then in the year 2013.

The 42.5 inch long Mohawk

Talking about mohawk, Grisamore told Guinness World Record, “My favourite thing about the mohawk is just the rarity of it. I'll admit that peoples' reactions are pretty priceless too. I'm 6'1 tall, and my mohawk is pushing 4 feet now”. According to reports, when Grisamore tried to break the record in the year 2007, he was too scared to fulfil the requirement for any “full Mohican” mohawk as it requires shaving the sides of the head. He was then reportedly given the title of “tallest spike mohawk”. Grisamore said, “Doors aren't over 7' tall, ceilings 9', and cars are impossible to get into - so I'm limited to where and how I move around when I’m all done up, but the crowd usually comes to me”. 

Reports suggest that Mohawk started to regrow his hair again in the year 2013, when he decided to obtain the record title again. He said, “When wearing a mohawk, my hairdresser is a pro at teasing the base of the hair enough to hold the weight of a full fan”. Grisamore obtained the record with the help of his stylist Kay Jettman who spent hours working on his hair with wife Laura and mother Kay. Talking about the record, Grisamore said, “I feel like I'm the Mohawk King of the world”. Jokingly making a remark, he added, “The best hair advice I can give for men is... don’t cut your hair”.