Coronavirus / Useful tips to improve the health of lungs and make Lungs Strong after Coronavirus

Zoom News : May 17, 2021, 10:14 AM
Coronavirus: For many patients recovering from corona, beating the virus is like winning half the battle. Due to damage to other organs including lungs, they suffer from fatigue, weakness and shortness of breath even after months of recovery. However, experts say that patients who have won the battle of life with Kovid can achieve chronic lung strengthening by adopting the right foods, making exercise a part of daily life and avoiding air pollution.

Breathing exercises beneficial

- Muscles will come into action due to the practice of belief activities, blood and oxygen flow will increase in the lungs.

- Deep breathing and exhaling lying on the stomach is also beneficial, Pranayama also improves lung health.

-Respirometers can also be used for exercises that deal with fluctuations in oxygen levels.

Fastfood, distance from oily dishes is necessary

With the increase in blood sugar, the balance of bacteria in the intestine disturbs the fast food and oily dishes, due to the deterioration in immunity, so the distance from them is necessary.

- After recovering from Kovid-19, increase your intake of antioxidant-rich garlic, turmeric and green tea, eat citrus fruits, jaggery and black pepper to increase lung function.

- Include beetroot, tomatoes, almonds, blueberries in the diet, these ingredients rich in omega-3 fatty acids, relieve inflammation in the lungs, prevent respiratory infections.

Stop doing this

1. Writing

- The body may be deprived of essential mineral-vitamins, while these nutrients are needed to fight infection and to gain chronic strength.

2. Smoking

-The use of tobacco products damages the airways in the lungs, also makes the respiratory system more susceptible to viral infections.

Do not come in contact with smoke, pollution

According to experts, walking, jogging and cycling can be extremely beneficial to increase lung function. However, when exiting the house, make sure that you do not come in contact with air pollution. Pollution not only increases the risk of recurrence of infection, but also causes the accumulation of harmful substances in the lungs, which can cause breathing and difficulty. Be sure to regularly steam and try other detox methods to avoid the side effects of pollutants.