Special / Very simple cheap and easy use to get rid of lizard from home there will not be a single lizard in the house

Zoom News : Oct 03, 2021, 01:22 PM
People consider it auspicious to be in the house of a lizard. But let us tell you, a lizard is such a creature that can cause you a lot of harm. That's why people try their best to get the lizard out of the house but can't. And the girls start crying after seeing the lizard.

Lizards do not really harm you, but lizard feces can be very dangerous for your health, so today we will tell you how you can get the lizards out of your house.

Peacock is the national bird of our country. But do you know that the lizard of your house can run away with the use of its feathers. In the olden days people used to hang peacock feathers on the wall of their house to keep the lizards away. Lizards do not like the smell of onions. For this, keep onion peel where there is a possibility of lizard coming.

By doing this the lizard will not come there. Apart from this, it also keeps the lizard away from the eggshell. If the lizard does not like its smell, then keep this egg shell in such a place where the window door and the lizard come, due to which the lizard cannot enter the house.

Black pepper powder is available in every home kitchen. Using this black pepper powder, you can remove the lizard living in the house. By mixing black pepper powder in water and sprinkling it on the walls of the house, lizards will not be visible in the house. Mix coffee powder with tobacco powder and make small balls where the lizard comes. After eating it he will run away or die.

Onion is high in sulfur. Lizards do not like its smell. Cut the onion into slices and tie it in a thread and hang it near the light etc. Due to this the lizard coming there will run away. To drive away lizards, mix a few drops of garlic juice with onion juice in a bottle. Add a little water to this juice and close the bottle, shake well and mix. After this, sprinkle this juice where more lizards are coming. By doing this lizard will not come in the house.

We all keep phenyl tablets between our clothes so that insects do not come and spoil the clothes. Keep this phenyl tablet on the door, bed, cupboard and the place where the lizard is always visible. The lizard cannot stand such a scent and will run away.

Naphthalene balls should be used to drive away lizards. It is also very effective to use. Which you can keep in the kitchen and cupboards. By doing this the lizard will run away from your house. Red chili powder is in the kitchen of every household. This red chili powder is also used to drive away lizards. The lizard runs away after sprinkling red chili powder on the corner of the house.