Raju Thehat Murder / What was the fault of innocent farmer Tarachand Kadwasda who was killed in gang war ?

Zoom News : Dec 03, 2022, 10:07 PM
Raju Thehat Murder : When Tarachand Kadwasada, a resident of Dotina of Jayal area of Nagaur, went to meet his daughter Konita on Saturday, he had no idea that he would have to pay the price of the enmity between the two gangs with his life.

Tarachand had come to Sikar in an Alto car along with his uncle's son brother Ramniwas Kadwasda. In the morning, as soon as Tarachand and Ramnivas got down from the car outside the coaching, the shooter who was running away after killing Raju Thehat opened fire on them as well. Tarachand died on the spot due to bullet injury. Ramnivas narrowly escaped. The miscreants also snatched his car on the way and fled with it.

At present, Tarachand's body is in the mortuary of Sikar Hospital. As soon as the information was received, the relatives from the village also reached Sikar. The son and daughter studying in Sikar are yet to know that their father is no more. He is being consoled in the hostel by saying that his father is injured and admitted in the hospital.

Elder brother Bhanwarlal, field officer posted in Merta City in LIC, told that what did we have to do in their fight? Tarachand was calling his daughter and the miscreants wanted a car, so they would have taken it, but why did they shoot?

'He was calling his daughter, then shot him'

'Tarachand has three daughters and a son. He used to work in agriculture. One daughter Konita studies in Sikar. One daughter Monica has done CPed and one daughter Bina is doing engineering in Kota. Son Naveen is studying in Kuchaman. On Saturday morning at 7 am, he had gone out to give some home-made food items to his daughter studying in Sikar to eat in winter.

'He had just reached outside the coaching institute here with Ramnivas in our cousin's Alto car when suddenly he heard loud firing from a house in front. Ignoring all this, he got out of the car and called his daughter when the miscreant shouted at him while running away. He said – where is he running and opened fire on him.

'The miscreants also attacked Ramnivas but he was on the other side of the car, so he was saved. After this, the miscreants sat in their Alto car and fled from there.

Hearing the firing, the daughter also reached, she does not know - father is no more

His daughter Konita, who was talking to Tarachand on the phone, also reached there. She fainted seeing her father bleeding. The coaching management somehow handled him and took him to the hostel.

Ramnivas said – Death came to the fore while firing as soon as he stopped outside the coaching institute

At the same time, his cousin Ramnivas, who was present with Tarachand during the entire incident, told that Tarachand was driving the car and I was sitting on the side. As soon as we reached outside the coaching institute, Tarachand called up daughter Konita. He got down from the car while talking to his daughter and I got down from the other side.

Four miscreants came firing from the front. When he fired, it felt as if some firecrackers had been released. By the time I hid behind the car and the wall, they shot Tarachand and fled in my Alto car. Earlier, he had also fired in the front house.

CLC announced free coaching

The daughter of Tarachand Kadwasara of Nagaur district who was killed in gang war is doing coaching in CLC institute. His coaching will now be given free of cost. Along with this, the director of the institute Shravan Chowdhary has announced that any child of Tarachand Kadwasara's family who comes for coaching in CLC will also be given free coaching.

The juice center was only of Thehat, here the shooters were coming daily for one and a half months

There is a juice stall outside Raju Thehat's house in the corner of his building. This juice stall was set up by Raju Thehat and a boy was kept sitting there. The boy refused to come on camera citing fear of his life. Off camera told that two of the shooters boys were coming to his juice stall daily for the last one month. He used to drink juice and sit for a while. Sometimes he was coming in the dress of the coaching institute and sometimes in the normal T-shirt. He gave cash payment here every time. Never called and did not even give his mobile number. He never even asked anything about Raju Thehat.

Rohit Godara apologized for killing Tarachand

Another post was made from a Facebook account in the name of Bikaner gangster Rohit Godara, who claimed responsibility for Raju Thehat's murder by posting on Twitter and Facebook. It was written in the post- There is no regret for the murder of Raju Thehat, but Tarachandji died along with it, for that I apologize to his entire family and society. I will try to support this family in every way. We are sorry for his death. We cannot compensate for this loss.