Raju Thehat Murder / Gangster Raju Thehat's murder in broad daylight in Rajasthan

Zoom News : Dec 03, 2022, 07:17 PM
Raju Thehat Murder : Rajasthan's notorious gangster Raju Thehat was murdered in a gang war in Sikar this morning. The miscreants, who arrived in coaching dress, opened fire on the person standing outside the house. Thehat was hit by more than 3 bullets.

Here, the people protesting at the mortuary created ruckus. Congress MLA Mukesh Bhakar reached the dharna. Said- What is the police doing? The protest will continue till the culprits are not caught.

Rajasthan Director General of Police (DGP) Umesh Mishra told that a miscreant also made a video of this firing. Here, gangster Rohit Godara of Lawrence Vishnoi gang has taken responsibility for this. 5 sharp shooters were involved in the massacre. Four have been identified.

Mishra told that the miscreants will go towards Punjab and Haryana border. Rajasthan Police is behind these miscreants, A-class blockade has been done across the state. All SHOs have been ordered to remain in the field. Police said that Thehat's house is on Piprali Road in the city. In the firing that took place here, a person from Nagaur also died due to bullet injury. According to the information, the deceased was making a video of the firing. That's why the accused fired on him as well.

Four miscreants have been seen in the investigation of CCTV footage installed in this area. In this, he is seen running away with weapons.

As soon as the information about the firing was received, senior police officers including Sikar SP Kunwar Rashtradeep reached the spot and on the instructions of the DGP, blockade has been done in the entire state. Thehat's gang was very active in Shekhawati and had enmity with the Anandpal gang as well. Even after Anandpal's encounter, the fight for supremacy between the two gangs continued.

Vehicle changed twice during escape

According to sources, the movement of miscreants was towards Neemkathana. After the murder, he drove to Khetri via Neemkathana and changed the vehicle there.

From Sikar, he ran away with an Alto, in Khetri he left the Alto and took a Creta car. During this also he has fired. The miscreants left Udaipurvati towards Babai of Khetri police station area. Due to the blockade of the police here, the miscreants turned the vehicle back and ran away.

During this, seeing three to four other vehicles coming from the front, they fired and ran towards Neemkathana. According to the information, there is a mining area near Bombay. Which is adjacent to the border of Haryana and Rajasthan. The miscreants were trying to flee to Haryana. The number of the Creta vehicle is being told as RJ 45 CH 1786. Police has sealed the Rajasthan-Haryana border. A total of 20 teams of policemen have been deployed at toll points.

Lawrence gang avenged the murder

Rohit Godara of Lawrence Group has taken the responsibility of Raju Thehat's murder. Godara belongs to Lunkaransar of Bikaner. Godara has also made a post, in which it is written that he was involved in the murder of our elder brothers Aandampal and Balbir. Whose revenge we have taken today by killing him.

Doubt on Subhash Banuda

There was a long standing enmity between Anandpal and Raju Thehath. The hand of Subhash Banuda, son of Balbir Banuda of Anandpal gang, is said to be behind the murder. Balveer Banuda was murdered by Raju Thehat. It is being told that gangster Subhash was trying to kill Thehat for two years. However, the police have not said anything about this till now. Subhash Banuda and Rohit Godara are partners.

People of Jat community are getting Sikar closed

There is a lot of resentment among the people after the death of Raju Thehat. The shops of Sikar are being closed by the Jat community, a large number of people are getting the whole market closed while walking. Here, the family members of Raju Thehat have warned to protest till the arrest of the accused. Ladnun MLA Mukesh Bhakar, RU President Nirmal Chaudhary also reached Sikar.

Bhakar said – what kind of monitoring are you doing

Ladnun MLA Mukesh Bhakar said that the miscreants have come forward after firing on the police. If the accused managed to escape to Haryana or across the border. What kind of monitoring are you doing? What is the police doing? The protest will continue till the culprits are not caught. We are not yet satisfied with any action taken by the police and the government.

Nirmal said – will keep sitting here till justice is not met

RU President Nirmal Chowdhary said that anyone who comes out of his house is gunned down. For two months, miscreants are roaming freely here. Someone comes to teach his daughter. What should the family members expect that he will come back alive or not? Today they were shot openly. Anyone could have died. What is the government and police administration doing? Till Tarachand gets justice, we will sit here.

When the police caught him, then he started living in Sikar.

Raju wanted to strengthen his roots in Jaipur after Thehat Sikar. For this purpose, he had made Jaipur his safe place.

Not only this, Raju Thehat was also eyeing the disputed lands and speculative businessmen. But Mahesh Nagar police station arrested him on charges of breach of peace. After this, Raju Thehat was shifted back to Sikar.

Sikar used to call by the name of Boss

Gangsters Raju Thehat was fond of living a luxury life. He used to roam around with the convoy on expensive cars and bikes. Gangster Raju Thehat was called as Sikar Boss.

During his stay in Jaipur Jail, he also made his base in Jaipur for the purpose of increasing his gang. The house from which he was caught in Jaipur's Suez Farm, is said to be worth Rs 3 crore.

In fact, in Rajasthan, gangsters Anandpal Singh and Raju Thehat fought for supremacy for almost two decades. Raju Thehat became dominant after Anandpal's encounter.

Even while in jail, there were many cases of his giving protection by demanding ransom. . People from the Raju Thehat Gang (RTG) family are associating with the gangster.

Used to make reels and put them on social media

Gangster Raju Thehat established his supremacy. To remain active among people, he used to make reels and post them on social media. Raju Thehat, fond of expensive cars and bikes, was often seen roaming around at his place in Jaipur. Sometimes while riding a bike alone and sometimes while riding a new luxury car, Thehat often made videos and shared them on social media. He also made reels with his gunman and a convoy of cars.

Along with Thehat, four of his associates were also caught in Jaipur 9 months ago. Among them were his three gunmen and a cook. After coming out of jail on bail about 3 months ago, Raju was engaged in increasing the Thehat gang.

Was preparing to enter politics

Raju Thehat, active on social media, had shared photos with Rajveer, district head of Bharatpur, Gram Panchayat Pavaliya Sarpanch of Sanganer Panchayat Samiti, Jaipur, Ramraj Chowdhary and Chaksu Vidhansabha Youth Congress President Kailash Chowdhary. It is believed that Raju Thehat wanted to become active in politics as soon as possible.

In such a situation, he used to keep discussing with his acquaintances who were already active in politics. The photos shot during the meeting also remained in discussion. Raju Thehat used to share photos of roaming around, eating and drinking with a group of miscreants.

After Shekhawati, a new place was also built in Jaipur

Rajasthan's infamous gangster Rajendra alias Raju Thehat had made Jaipur his new base after Shekhawati. Thehat had made BJP leader (former MLA) Prem Singh Bajor's house a home at Suez Farm in Mahesh Nagar, Jaipur. For security, more than 30 CCTVs were installed at the house. 3 gunmen also lived together.

In February this year, he had entered the house of Mahesh Nagar in Jaipur. Earlier, he had removed the gate of the colony from the corner of the street. He has got this gate installed near his abode. This gate was locked after the arrival of gangster Thehat. This gate was opened only for the entry of special members. Vehicles used to be parked in the vacant plot lying near here.