Coronavirus / WHO shares guidelines regarding mask medical fabric or double mask who should wear what

Zoom News : Apr 21, 2021, 10:14 AM
New Delhi: In view of the speed with which the second wave of Coronavirus is infecting people in India, many people also have fear and nervousness about how they themselves and their loved ones Can prevent a very dangerous infection. The first and necessary step for this is that you do not leave the house unless it is very important. Stay home and stay safe. But if it is necessary to go out, then use mask (going mask when going out). But which mask? Medical mask, fabric mask or both, ie double mask.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued some important guidelines regarding the use of medical mask and fabric mask and has told who should wear which mask at which time to better protect against corona virus infection So to receive.

Medical or surgical mask

While sharing a video on Twitter, the WHO has suggested that medical or surgical masks should be worn by people who are health workers, people who are showing symptoms of Kovid-19, people who are showing Kovid-19. Taking care of infected patients. Apart from this, in areas where the virus is more spread and where 1 meter of social distancing is also not being followed, the elderly over 60 years and those who already have a disease are given medical treatment. Or wear surgical mask.

The WHO recommends that people who do not have Kovid-19 or who have no signs of infection may use a fabric mask. Apart from this, people using public transport, people working in the office, working in a ration shop or going to the ration shop or going to any crowded place, you can use the fabric mask. can do.

According to doctors, the double mask gives more protection against the virus and reduces the possibility of getting infected by the virus. According to a recent study done by the CDC of America, if everyone starts wearing double mask then the risk of Kovid can be reduced by 96.4 percent. In such a situation, if you are traveling in a crowded place like airport, bus stand or public transport, then use double mask. For this, a cloth mask or a mask of 2 clothes can be used simultaneously over the surgical mask. However, if you are using N-95 mask then double mask is not required.