Sonia Gandhi News / Why did Sonia Gandhi go to Jaipur after being troubled by Delhi's pollution?

Vikrant Shekhawat : Nov 17, 2023, 10:26 AM
Sonia Gandhi News: Due to increasing pollution in Delhi, former Congress President Sonia Gandhi reached Jaipur from Delhi on Tuesday. Sonia Gandhi has respiratory problems. Doctors have advised them to temporarily move to a place where the air quality is better. Sonia Gandhi has reached Jaipur, away from the polluted air of Delhi, at a time when the political heat of Rajasthan Assembly elections is very hot.

Rajasthan is very important for the Congress in the assembly elections being held in five states of the country, because it has been in power here for 5 years. While Congress is making every possible effort to save its fort, BJP is hoping to return to power. In such a situation, even though Sonia Gandhi may have gone to Jaipur because of Delhi's pollution, it is being considered very favorable for Congress and her both strategically and politically?

Personal reasons for Sonia Gandhi to go to Jaipur

The first reason for Sonia Gandhi going to Jaipur is believed to be that the air of Delhi has become polluted and poisonous. The air quality index in Delhi is above three hundred, which is in the severe category, while the figure in Jaipur is between 60 to 70, which is in the moderate category. One of the big reasons why Sonia Gandhi is going to Jaipur instead of some hilly and western state is that it is not very far from Delhi. Jaipur is closer than Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh or Goa and health care is also better in comparison to both the states. If for some reason her health deteriorates, she can easily come to Delhi.

One reason for Sonia Gandhi staying in Jaipur is that Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi will be able to live with her. Rahul-Priyanka will stay in Rajasthan for four days for the assembly election campaign. Rahul Gandhi has arrived on Thursday and Priyanka Gandhi is also arriving. In this way, Rahul and Priyanka will be able to check the well-being of their mother every day and take care of her. If Sonia Gandhi had been in any other state instead of Jaipur, it would have been difficult for Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi to travel between assembly elections. If Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi had been present instead of campaigning, the opposition would have got a chance to raise questions about their absence.

Political meaning of Sonia Gandhi being in Jaipur

Congress may be calling Sonia Gandhi's stay in Jaipur a personal visit, but it also has political implications. Congress has come into active mode due to Sonia Gandhi's stay in Jaipur. It is being said that the purpose of this exercise is to keep a close eye on the election preparations. Congress was seeing only Gehlot in the election poster, but now Sachin Pilot's photo has started appearing.

Congress has issued a formal statement and shared the dates of Sonia Gandhi's stay in Jaipur and Rahul Gandhi's rallies in Rajasthan, which clearly shows that the Gandhi family wants to ensure all the preparations by staying in Rajasthan at the end of the elections. Rahul Gandhi will campaign in Rajasthan for four days i.e. 16, 19, 21 and 22 November. Similarly, Mallikarjun Kharge and Priyanka Gandhi are also camping in Rajasthan for three days for election campaign.