Lok Sabha Election / Sonia Gandhi targeted PM Modi - said a big thing about Congress's money

Vikrant Shekhawat : Mar 21, 2024, 06:15 PM
Lok Sabha Election: Congress Parliamentary Party chief Sonia Gandhi on Thursday alleged on the issue of 'freezing' (stopping on transactions) the party's bank accounts that it was a planned attempt by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to cripple the Congress financially. going. Sonia Gandhi said in a press conference in New Delhi, 'A planned effort is being made by the Prime Minister to financially cripple the Indian National Congress. The money collected from the public is being stopped and money is being forcibly snatched from our accounts.

‘BJP benefited from electoral bonds’

Sonia said, 'Even in these most challenging circumstances, we are trying our best to maintain the effectiveness of our election campaign. On one hand, there is the issue of 'electoral bonds', which the Supreme Court has declared unconstitutional. As everyone knows, BJP has benefited hugely and massively from electoral bonds. On the other hand, the financial position of the main opposition party Congress is under continuous attack. We all believe that this is unprecedented and undemocratic.

Mallikarju Kharge also lashed out at the government

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge said, 'Elections are essential for democracy, it is also necessary that there should be a level playing field for all political parties. It does not mean that those in power have a monopoly on resources and have direct or indirect control over the institutions of the country. BJP has deposited thousands of crores of rupees in its bank accounts under the election donation scheme which the Supreme Court has declared illegal and unconstitutional. On the other hand, transactions from the bank accounts of the main opposition party (Congress) were banned, so that we would not be able to contest the elections on an equal basis due to lack of money.

Rahul Gandhi said, democracy itself has 'frozen'

Kharge alleged that this was a dangerous game played by the ruling party. Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi claimed that there is no democracy left in the country and not the accounts of the Congress Party but democracy has been 'frozen'. Congress leaders appealed to the constitutional institutions to allow Congress to conduct transactions from bank accounts to conduct fair elections.