IPL 2023 Final / Will the fun in Ahmedabad be gritty again? Know how the weather will be today

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 29, 2023, 07:33 AM
IPL 2023 Final: The wait for the winner of the IPL 2023 season extended for another day as the weather decided to make its presence felt at the end of the already exciting season. The final match between Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings could not take place on Sunday, 28 May due to rain. Now it will be played on Monday 29th May i.e. today on Reserve Day. But the question is the same - will the rain not cause any disturbance even today?

Hardly anyone would have thought that the end of the most exciting IPL season ever would add to the impatience. Already in this season, the decision of the four teams of the playoffs had to wait for the very last league match. Now the final has also increased the wait. This interference of weather in Ahmedabad has put the fans in doubt for Monday.

How will be the weather today?

According to AccuWeather, a website that gives information about weather forecasts, the weather in Ahmedabad will be more or less clear throughout the day on Monday. It will be cloudy on some occasions. By this time the chances of rain are minimal. Even if it happens, only light showers. In the evening, however, after 5 o'clock it may rain for some time and its chances are more than 50 percent.

This rain can continue for some time even after 6 o'clock. After this, but no such possibility is visible at the moment. It may remain cloudy after 7-8 pm but there is no possibility of rain. In such a situation, it seems that there may be a slight delay in the beginning of the maximum match.

However, let's make one thing clear here - for Sunday too, only light rain was predicted till a day before, but when the clouds started raining in the evening, they stopped only after 11 o'clock. In such a situation, if the situation changes during the day, then you will have to be prepared for it again.

What if it rains again?

Now if you want to know how the decision will be taken in case of rain even on the reserve day, then let us tell you in brief. Like Sunday, the same conditions will continue for Monday as well. The match will start at 7.30. In case of rain, the wait will be done till 9.35 pm. If the match starts by this time, no overs will be cut. Beyond this the overs will start decreasing.

If this also does not happen then it will be waited till 12.06 o'clock so that 5-5 overs can be played. If this does not happen then the decision will be taken from the super over. If the situation is worse than this, then Gujarat, who topped the points table of the league stage, will get the title.