World / Xi Jinping become China leader third time in a row

Zoom News : Oct 23, 2022, 10:50 AM
China: After crushing his opponents and after a big political farce, Xi Jinping has once again taken over the command of China. AFP news agency quoted Chinese media reports as saying that Xi Jinping has been given the post of General Secretary of the Communist Party for the third time for five years.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has taken over as China's most powerful leader for the third time breaking a record. He has been elected general secretary of the Communist Party of China, the most powerful party. Let us tell you that the key to power in China is in the hands of the Communist Party. This party also leads the Chinese army.

AFP quoted Chinese media as saying that Xi Jinping has successfully become the most powerful leader for the third time. He assumed the position of General Secretary of the Communist Party on Sunday at the party's week-long 20th National Congress in the Great Hall of the People. On this occasion, Xi Jinping said, "I want to sincerely thank the whole party for the trust you have placed in me."

Ex-President was thrown out of the meeting

Earlier on Saturday, the 20th Congress came into the limelight when former President Hu Jintao was shown the way out in the meeting. Jintaho was sitting next to President Xi. The video of this incident also surfaced. It was clearly visible in the video how two people first say something to Jintao and then they are lifted from the seat holding hands. While leaving, Jintao is also seen saying something to Xi.

Side to PM Li Keqiang

Xi Jinping had earlier also sided with his arch-rival and the country's number two leader, Prime Minister Li Keqiang. Jinping had ousted Li from the central committee. Li is considered Jinping's rival. In this way, Xi is going to side every obstacle in his path.