Jan 13, 2023
Genre Action ,Thriller
Director Aasmaan Bhardwaj
Star Cast Arjun Kapoor,Konkona Sen Sharma,Kumud Mishra,Naseeruddin Shah,Radhika Madan,Shardul Bhardwaj,Tabu
Rating 2/5
Producer Bhushan Kumar,Krishan Kumar,Luv Ranjan,Vishal Bhardwaj
Musician Vishal Bhardwaj
Production Company Luv Films

If the father made a 'bastard', the son would make a 'dog'. If there is a family relation with Gulzar, he will definitely write the songs. For what he is writing, why he is writing like this, he blames those people for whom he has been 'worshipped', but in the words of Gulzar himself, he does not understand the meaning of 'Chashma-e-Bad Door'. Aasmaan ko nagar lage but the way he shot the first scene of his debut film 'Kutte' is a testimony to his originality. If he makes films outside the aura of his father, mother and Danaji (Gulzar), he will go far. But, if these veterans remain trapped in the illusion of limited understanding of their readers, viewers and listeners, then their way forward is difficult. Except the first scene of the film 'Kutte', this film seems to be Vishal Bhardwaj's cinema till the end. Coming to the climax, the comment made by the hero of the film on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech on demonetisation is very objectionable. Those watching the film from the Central Board of Film Certification must have understood this too, it doesn't seem like it.

This is not a film but a corporate project

The film 'Kutte' is the next example of the corporate world of Hindi cinema. A producer somehow makes a film by adding stars. Another producer comes and becomes a middleman. Together they reach out to a company that already has blanket approval from OTT and satellite channels. The money that went into the film came from selling just these two rights. Now what is the promotion of the film and what is its dissemination! Neither the efforts were made to meet the media before the release of the film 'Kutte' in Mumbai, nor the plan to take them to Delhi came to fruition. These days the mind of the producers is not to find a good story but to reduce the expenditure on promotion before the release of the film. Yes, there was definitely a gathering of the film's music in Mumbai, in which Gulzar, who wrote 'Awara Dogs' for this film, gave his clarification on writing such songs, 'In the time when people don't know the meaning of spectacles' Such songs can be written at that time.

Somewhere a brick, somewhere an obstacle

Well, Gulzar Sahab being Gulzar Sahab, he can level these slurs on his listeners and readers. But, it is very important for all the people in their camp to understand that the so-called audience of Hindi cinema, who do not understand the meaning of Chashme Buddoor, will get overwhelmed only by the abuses of mother and sister. As soon as the film 'Kutte' begins, it tries to explain the meaning of this name that lion, goat and dog hunt together in the forest. If the goat eats three parts of the prey, the lion gets angry and eats the goat. When it is the turn of the dog to bite, it moves the whole prey towards the lion and starts sucking the remaining bones of the goat. This is a great commentary on the chaotic state of democracy. But then the story shifts to a corrupt police officer, his henchmen, drug gangs, another corrupt female police officer, the van that delivers money to ATMs, the crores of rupees kept in the van, the cops fixated on these money . In between, a very second rate joke also goes on about the frog and the scorpion. Yes, the same movie 'Darlings'. After being stung here, when the frog asks the scorpion riding on its back its logic, he tells it his character.

neglected hindi in hindi film

Even if we don't go by the name of the film 'Kutte', expectations have been high from its director Aasmaan. It is meaningless to talk about nepotism here because every father wants to see his son successful and if the son follows his father's profession then it is his own choice. But, the way Aasman has neglected Hindi in his very first film is nothing less than a sin. His own name appears in the film by writing Aasmaan. The Hindi of makeup becomes makeup. By the way, it is not certain whether the sky has more love than Hindi. It is obvious that if someone had asked him the meaning of Chashma-e-Bad Door in the music gathering of 'Kutte', he would hardly have been able to tell. It is not their fault in this. It is the fault of those people in whose shadow they were brought up. If capable people are unable to make those around them capable, then it is a failure of their leadership. The film 'Kutte' is also a report card of this upbringing of cinema. Sky says he is a follower of British director Guy Ritchie. The glimpse the audience gets of Tarantino in his cinema.

Don't look for logic, it's character!

The film 'Kutte' was considered to be number one among the two Hindi films released on the second Friday of the new year. Even after getting two stars, it is still at number one because the film 'Lakdabagha' released with it turned out to be such a bad film that its rating has gone down further. Faiz Ahmed Faiz's Nazm 'Kutte' ki Rooh Talaashti' rest of the songs of this film are written by Gulzar. Vishal Bhardwaj has composed the music and there is not a single song that even those who understand 'Stray Dogs' can understand. If I remember anything, then just the old song 'Dhen Te Naan', which everyone together has put on a new outfit. A. Sreekar Prasad has kept the film less than two hours, this is also a favor to the audience because once the film derails, till the end no one knows what is going on on the screen. . But, what about logic, this is the character of Hindi cinema these days.