Jan 25, 2023
Genre Action ,Thriller
Director Siddharth Anand
Star Cast Deepika Padukone,John Abraham,Shah Rukh Khan
Rating 5/5
Producer Aditya Chopra
Musician Vishal–Shekhar
Production Company Yash Raj Films

These days in Mumbai it is not like Delhi but it is getting cold. The watchmen are seen lighting bonfires at night. On the other hand, the Mumbai Police has been worried for the past few days because the weather is not going to deteriorate. From outside to inside, policemen were seen alert in the theaters since morning. After all, 'Pathan' is coming. Hindi cinema audiences have seen Pathans from Afghanistan before. Sometimes in 'Kabuliwala' and sometimes in 'Khuda Gawah'. This Pathan is 'unclaimed'. The family had left it in a cinema hall. It is said that the country of India has nurtured it. Pathan is still from Afghanistan. He also says that, a soldier does not ask what the country has done for him, he asks what he can do for the country. According to IMDB, among all the films released by Shahrukh so far, the two films which have been liked by the audience the most are 'Swades' and 'Chak De India'.

formula of patriotism

In the film 'Pathan', Shahrukh Khan has once again resorted to the formula of patriotism to win the hearts of his fans. The film picks up the crux of the story where Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) agent Kabir's fellow agent, who was in his unit, rebels against the country. The reason is that the country did not pay ransom to free his pregnant wife from the clutches of terrorists. Pathan asks, what if a minister's daughter had to be rescued? Even if no one remembers this political story, then the name of the agent of ISI has been kept as Rubai Saeed. The love story of two agents of India and Pakistan is going on in the films of 'Tiger' series. Here another romantic tale of Pathan and Rubai is being made. Both meet. Pathan gets cheated. But then the two meet and get involved in averting a terrorist attack that the ISI agent tells his own country's government would never approve. It seems that two agents from a novel by Ved Prakash Sharma or Surendra Mohan Pathak have come out of the pulp and appeared on the big screen of IMAX.

John Abraham sacrificed his life

The film 'Pathan' is an amazing film for the first hour. Excellent editing. Pathan joining the mission. RAW officers arguing among themselves about the decisions of policy makers and then attacking scientists going to attend a conference in Dubai. Yash Raj Films' film 'Dhoom' gave life to John Abraham's career. This time too John is in a similar character. Don't know whether director Siddharth Anand has seen 'Dhoom' or not, because if he had seen, at least he would not have copied the last scene of the climax of 'Dhoom'. There are hundred other ways to kill the villain. But Siddharth Anand seems to have picked up whatever spice he could get to make this film a masala film. The dish is well made. It's delicious too. But if its fragrance was also fresh, then the film could have become a really amazing film. As soon as the mention of Raktabeej comes, one remembers the name given to fire in 'Junglebook', Raktaphool.

Audience seen dancing on Shahrukh's song

The team of youngsters who have come from foreign film schools to choose stories in Yash Raj Films need to watch some Hindi films as well. If not more, then at least these people watch the films of the last 25 years, then freshness can return in the pictures of Yash Raj Films. The film 'Pathan' is still no less than a Sanjeevani Booti for this company which has been struggling with flop films continuously. Girls are seen dancing to Shahrukh Khan's songs in housefull shows around 7.30 am. Whenever Shah Rukh Khan utters any patriotic dialogue, people whistle and when Tiger's neck scarf comes down in slow motion from the roof of the train to save the Pathan fighting with the miscreants, then people jump from the seats. meaning? It is clear that the fans of Hindi cinema have nothing to do with 'Boycott Bollywood'. The film will be good. If the movie is good then people still want to come to see the film without seeing the religion of its stars.

Huge, grand and thrilling action film

When director Siddharth Anand made the first action film 'Bang Bang' with Hrithik Roshan after making the first four films of Rumaniyat Ke Ehsaas Ki, then the audience of Hindi cinema got the first idea of his vision. He thinks cinema is really huge and grand. The confluence of his thinking and the right story happened in the film 'War'. Everyone knows the result. The film 'Pathan' is also of the same thinking and the same approach. Here the camera does not stick directly on the faces of the actors. He watches from the sky. Engages the audience with the surrounding environment. Be it John's den, the shooting of Besharam Colors, the bike chase on the surface of the world's deepest freshwater lake or the action sequence shot on a train passing through the hills. There is a cleanness, a thrill in his direction and a charm that works wonders when you get the right stars and the right story. He has done wonders here too. In the film of two hours 26 minutes, he also keeps the audience engaged till the end.

unclaimed god witness

For Shahrukh Khan, it was very important for the film 'Pathan' to be a family entertainer and in this the film is successful. Rubai even asks Pathan in one scene, how did this unclaimed person become God's witness again. If Amitabh Bachchan carried forward the legacy of Dilip Kumar in Hindi cinema, then Shahrukh Khan has inherited Amitabh's tradition, prestige and discipline. He is seen trying his best to handle her in this film. Pathan finally comes and tells Tiger, it's been 30 years since he used to do all this. but,Can't leave it to the new boys. You have to do it yourself. It seems as if this conversation is happening between two actors and not between the characters. He also promises to help in Tiger's mission. Shahrukh's age is now visible on his face, so intentionally Pathan now takes steps towards love but does not get intimate.

Deepika's glow returned

Deepika as Pathan's love interest Rubai is another highlight of the film. He enters the story with the song 'Besharam Rang', but in the very next scene, his color turns bad. If the color of any character changes every moment in the whole story, then it is Deepika's only. She is not there just to add color to the film like Vaani Kapoor's character in the film 'War'. She is seen in her full glory till the end. For John Abraham, this is the biggest height of his career. Shah Rukh Khan, whom he once yearned to meet, has become the villain in his film. Like Shahrukh and Deepika, their recent films have also been weak. For all the three stars of this trio, the film 'Pathan' is like a booster dose and its success at the box office will definitely be able to take their career forward for a few more years.