Space Science / These secrets of the earth will be revealed, 2 underworlds found! Scientists told the location

Zoom News : Nov 04, 2023, 06:00 AM
Space Science: It is often said that there is an underworld beneath the earth. In recent research, scientists have given many interesting information related to Hades. Scientists say that there are two underworlds under the earth. These are many times denser than any normal solid object. Scientists have named it Blob. Scientists from America, China and England have made this claim in their recent research.

Scientists claim that this underworld is 2900 km beneath the earth's mantle. exist in the depths of. Know how they were constructed and where is their location.

This is how Hades was created

According to the report of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a team of international scientists has discovered two underground worlds buried deep in the earth. They were formed 4.5 billion years ago. These were formed when the Earth was formed. This is the time when the Mars-sized planet Theia collided with the ancient Earth. After this collision, the Moon was formed from the debris.

Hongping Deng, a scientist at the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, says that both Hades were formed during the formation of the Earth. The Earth has been changing in the last 450 crore years. Earth's layer i.e. mantle is an example of this change.

Where are these underworld?

In the research report, scientists have claimed that there are many underworlds inside the earth. Two of these have been confirmed. The first underworld is in the depths of the African continent. At the same time, the second underworld is described under the South Pacific Ocean. These were formed when the Earth and a planet or meteorite collided. These underworlds have surrounded the earth. Which are called Large Low-Shear-Velocity Provinces (LLVPs).

How did you get the information?

Scientists came to know about these underworld when they were studying earthquake waves. This is because earthquake waves react differently with different things on Earth. The report claims that the density of Hades is 2 to 3.5 times more than the things present near it. During research, iron content was also found in it.

Scientists say that many interesting information related to this may come to light in the future. Answers to many mysteries related to Earth can be found. Scientists are happy with the news of finding iron in Hades. He believes that this is proof that many interesting information can come out from here.

This research tells many interesting things about the internal structure of the Earth, its evolution and the formation process of the solar system.