Waterproof Smartphone / Which is a waterproof smartphone? Don't make the mistake of buying without knowing this.

Vikrant Shekhawat : Oct 03, 2023, 01:00 PM
Waterproof Smartphone: Smartphone manufacturing companies have come up with a new trick by which the customers who buy the phone end up wasting their money, actually this trick is about waterproof smartphones. In fact, some smartphone manufacturing companies sell their products by calling them water resistant, water splash proof or spill proof, but users consider these smartphones to be water proof, whereas it is not so. Actually, there is a big difference between water proof smartphones and other smartphones about which we are going to tell you today because if you do not understand about it then your money can get wasted which we do not want. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you the difference between all these so that you can save money.

Waterproof smartphone

Such smartphones continue to work perfectly even after being immersed in water. Although waterproof smartphones can do this only for a few hours, if the depth is more than required then even waterproof smartphones can get damaged by water. Most smartphones are not waterproof.

Splashproof smartphone

Splashproof smartphones are quite different from waterproof smartphones, many times shopkeepers sell them as waterproof smartphones but the reality is different from this. Compared to waterproof smartphones, these can get damaged if put in water. However, if a little water falls on these smartphones, they do not get damaged and continue to work well.

Spillproof smartphone

Spillproof smartphones are able to withstand less water than splashproof smartphones. This means that if a few splashes of water fall on your smartphone, it will not get damaged, although these are also being sold in the market as waterproof smartphones. In such a situation, you can save yourself from being cheated by knowing about them.