Nirbhaya Case / 2012 Delhi gang rape case: What happened on December 16

Hindustan Times : Mar 20, 2020, 09:34 AM
New Delhi: Four men were hanged early on Friday for gang-raping and beating a 23-year-old woman along with her friend in a moving private bus on December 16, 2012.

They were among six people, including a juvenile, who were charged with the gang-rape, murder and other crimes that night.

One of the men committed suicide in March 2013 and the juvenile was released three years later after serving his term.

The woman, a paramedical student, was attacked while going home after watching a movie with her friend. She was repeatedly raped, tortured brutally and thrown off the bus along with her friend.

She died of her injuries on December 29, 2012, in a hospital in Singapore, where she was airlifted.

This is what happened that night:

• The woman and her friend reached Munirka Bus Stand at 9 pm in an auto-rickshaw after watching Life of Pi at a movie theatre in south Delhi’s Saket

• They could not find any public transport to return home from there. So, they boarded a private bus

• The victim and her friend saw four men in the driver’s cabin and two sitting behind the cabin—one on the left and another on the right side

• They sat next to each other on the left side on the second seat in the bus and paid a fare of Rs 20

• As the bus reached the flyover near the airport, three of them came out of the cabin. Two of them started abusing the woman’s friend and asked him where he was taking her late in the evening

• One of them hit the victim’s friend who tried fighting back. Soon, two others joined in beating him with iron rods lying in the bus

• As the victim came forward to save her friend, two of the assailants pushed her to the back seat

• The victim’s friend was caught and beaten and the other assailants took their turn to rape her

• In their brutal act, the convicts damaged her internal organs using an iron rod

• The assailants also robbed both the victims

• They then tried to throw both the victims out of the moving bus from its rear door but it did not open. They then brought them in the front and pushed them out of the moving bus on National Highway 8 near Mahipalpur flyover

• Both of them were later spotted by the passersby who informed the police

• The passersby also brought sheets to cover them. They were then rushed to Safdarjung Hospital.