Special / 7 year old boy put leg in shoes suffer 7 heart attack died

Zoom News : Nov 04, 2022, 03:18 PM
Special | A seven-year-old Brazilian boy has died after being stung by South America's most venomous scorpion. The scorpion was hiding in the child's shoes. After being stung, the child also had a total of seven heart attacks one after the other. According to a report, Luiz Miguel Furtado Barbosa of Enembi, So Paulo state was preparing to go camping with his family on 23 October when he got a sting in his leg.

The boy's mother, Angelita Proenca Furtado, said that as soon as he tried to put on the shoe, he started screaming in pain. We don't know who stung him, but in no time his leg started turning red and the pain got worse. Only after this I came to know that no one else but the scorpion had stung. Then I tried to find out who this scorpion was after all.

Angelita and her husband Eraldo Barbosa took Luiz to the University of So Paulo Faculty of Medicine Clinic Hospital, where her condition appeared to be improving. The boy's mother said, "They even stopped giving him medicine. After that he opened his eyes and tried to talk to me. I kissed him and he fainted again.

Sadly, the boy then suffered a total of seven heart attacks and died two days later, local media reported. The child's mother further said that we were preparing for camping when this incident happened. He said he was as worried as ever. It seemed that he wanted to live everything he had to live in one day. Today, I realized that it was as if he was really in a hurry to live.

The municipal authorities in Anhembi expressed their condolences to the bereaved family and offered their support in any way possible. The Municipal Corporation said that a total of 54 incidents related to scorpions have been registered since the beginning of this year. "Accidents involving scorpions are not rare, as the city is located on the banks of the Tiet River and has a large forest area," City Hall said.