Science / A rare comet is coming towards Earth after 4000 years, is it a threat?

Zoom News : May 21, 2021, 04:44 PM
Many comets revolve around the sun. They go on leaving a lot of garbage behind them, which come in the atmosphere of the Earth, then meteorites rain. That is, the sky fireworks are seen. Recently, scientists of the SETI Institute have discovered a rare comet that is coming towards the earth after 4000 years. According to the calculations of scientists, earlier it passed close to the earth in 2000 BCE.

The Meteor Astronomer of the SETI Institute and the author of this study, Peter Geniscens, said that we are studying comets that can be dangerous to the Earth. Some of it was seen in 2000 BC. After that, now they are coming back towards the earth. That is, after four thousand years. We have monitored them with the help of Cameras for AllSky Meteor Surveillance (CAMS). This camera monitors comets, asteroids and meteorites coming towards the Earth at night.

Peter said that with the help of CAMS, we are able to find out the trajectory of the comet, its path and the possible countries on earth where the rain of its meteorites will be seen. That is, people will be able to see the sky fireworks. Peter stated that the CAMS network is in 9 countries of the world.

Peter Janicekens reports that in recent years, the number of tri-meteor sightings has increased in Australia, Chile and Namibia. We got all this information from the CAMS network, this is the result of night surveillance. Till now we knew that there are only five comets that orbit the earth in a long time. But now we have discovered 9. These could possibly be 15 but they are yet to be investigated. Four thousand years later, the comet coming towards the earth is also included in this 9.

Scientists say that comets are often small. Even if they are a little older, they keep breaking due to their speed, due to which the shining tail appears behind them. But there is no denying that large comets can come towards the Earth. Because their orbit is such that they do not appear quickly. They travel long distances around the sun. If they come towards the earth, then their speed can be very high. These can bring great devastation.

Peter Geniscens said that in the future we will further expand the CAMS network. So that we can study comets, asteroids etc. coming from distant space to Earth and protect the earth from potential danger. Every night the CAMS tells us from which side of the space above the earth is the waste coming from behind the comet. This gives us an idea about which country can have sky fireworks. Also what could be the danger.

Peter said that there are many shooting stars that we can normally see with eyes, but there are many that disappear as soon as they enter the atmosphere. Because they are very small in size. But if the right direction and trajectory are known, then small shooting stars can also be seen. Provided the skies above your city are clear. Pollution levels are low or there are no clouds.

According to Peter's study, meteorites caused by comets coming after a long period of time may rain for several days. That is, the sky fireworks can be seen in a large area of ​​the earth. It was quite a surprise for Peter and his team. This also means that these comets have come out of the earth many times but their orbit has been changing.

According to the data, it has also been revealed that the stones of comet meteorites which are scattered by rain, are quite small. That is, they can be seen not only at one place but in a much larger area. Whereas large stone showers appear in a limited space. Scattered fireworks are the oldest method of comets. They come after a long time and keep the sky fireworks for a long time.