Israel-Iran War / After America's attacks on Israel, Iran's back will be broken with a new move

Zoom News : Apr 17, 2024, 01:35 PM
Israel-Iran War: After the attacks on Israel by Iran, Israel has also said that it will retaliate. It will be known with time whether there will be military action from Israel's side or other options will be explored, but in the meantime America has talked about taking big and tough steps. America has said that it will ban Iran's missile and drone programs. Apart from this, new sanctions will also be imposed in the coming days on institutions supporting the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Iran's Defense Ministry.

Sanctions will be imposed on Iran

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has said that President Joe Biden is coordinating with allies and partners, including the G7, following Iran's attacks against Israel. He said that in the coming days America will impose many types of sanctions against Iran. Jake appealed and said that America also expects its allies and partners to impose sanctions against Iran.

America will do this work

Jake Sullivan said that we are working through the Department of Defense and US Central Command to further strengthen and expand the successful integration of air and missile defense. We will continue to do so, allowing us to further reduce the effectiveness of Iran's missile and UAV capabilities throughout the Middle East. He said the new sanctions and other measures are meant to contain and reduce Iran's military capability and effectiveness. Sullivan also said the US has imposed sanctions against more than 600 individuals and entities linked to terrorism in the past three years, in addition to missile and drone-related sanctions.

Hezbollah commander killed

Meanwhile, let us also tell here that Israel is continuously eliminating its enemies. The Israeli military says three fighters, including two Hezbollah commanders, have been killed in the latest air strikes in southern Lebanon. The Israeli army said that the commander of the rocket and missile unit of the western sector of Radwan Force, Mohammad Hussein Shahhouri, and another commander Mahmoud Ibrahim Fadlallah were killed in the air strikes.