Israel-Iran War / How Israel will counterattack Iran, blueprint ready for attack

Vikrant Shekhawat : Apr 16, 2024, 09:08 AM
Israel-Iran War: The war between Iran and Israel has become permanent. Israel has announced that Iran will have to pay a heavy price for the attacks. The War Cabinet has approved the decision to counterattack. Israeli Aerospace Forces have started preparations. Many squadrons of the Air Force are ready to attack. Even Washington has expressed fear that Israel may attack Iran at any time. It is certain that Israel will attack Iran, but a blueprint has also been prepared for how the attack can be carried out. The Israeli cabinet has prepared a team of 7 super leaders and attacks on Iran can be carried out in four phases.

What could be Israel's attack plan…

The first plan could be to attack entire Iran. Under this, Iran's military bases, airbases, naval bases, government buildings and big cities can be attacked. As to how likely this is, British media reports say only 25%, because this attack is likely to trigger a war across Arabia.

Besides, there is a danger of US getting angry with this attack by Israel. Another way could be nuclear war. That means Israel can attack Iran's underground missile base and nuclear sites. But the probability of such attacks has been estimated to be only 20% because there are tight security arrangements at all these locations.

There is also a fear that after such attacks, Iran may launch a nuclear counterattack. Apart from this, Iran can launch missile attacks. These will be controlled attacks. There may be important buildings on their target. This will reduce loss of life and property. Up to 80% probability of such attacks has been expressed, because in this way Israel will retaliate exactly like Iran.

There will be no major massacre in such attacks. In this way a big war can be prevented from breaking out. Apart from this, Israel can target proxy organizations and foreign bases of Iran. For example, attacks on Hezbollah, Houthi and Iranian embassies can be carried out. The probability of this has been said to be up to 90%, because attacking Iran-backed organizations would be the safest.

This will prevent direct war from breaking out on Israel-Iran soil. The responsibility of carrying out attacks through these four methods rests with the Israeli Missile Forces and Air Force, but the Mossad chief has been kept in Netanyahu's team as part of a well-thought-out strategy.

Israel can also run this operation

Israel can also conduct a major intelligence targeted killing operation against Iran. Whose targets will be Iran's big commanders and big faces. Along with missile and air force attacks on Iran, Israel can also launch an operation to make Iran's army leaderless. This operation is more suitable for Israel, because the problem with missile attacks is that if there is a missile attack on Iran, it will pass through the airspace of many countries.

Jordan has already announced that it will intercept any Iranian or Israeli missiles from its airspace. These are the estimates that are being made now, but how big an attack Israel will make and when it will happen can only be imagined, the truth is that Israel's counterattack is certain.