Israel-Iran War / Israel took revenge by attacking Iran, attacking the city where Iran has a nuclear plant

Vikrant Shekhawat : Apr 19, 2024, 08:48 AM
Israel Attack Iran: Israel has launched a major attack on Iran in retaliation. This claim has been made by the American media. The sound of explosions has been heard near Isfahan Airport in Iran. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had recently rejected the appeal from allied countries to exercise restraint. He had said that his country would decide how to respond to the attacks by Iran. Now Israel has made its intentions clear by attacking Iran that it will not remain silent. Netanyahu had said, “I want to make it clear, we will take our own decisions.” Israel will do whatever is necessary to defend itself.”

Nuclear plants were targeted

Media reports are saying that Israel has targeted Iran's nuclear plants. After the attack report from Israel came out, Iran has closed its airspace in the western part for movement. Iranian media has said that the sound of explosions was heard. According to Iran's 'Fars News Agency', the sound of explosions has been heard near Isfahan Airport. However, the reasons for the blasts have not been confirmed yet. Iran's Natanz nuclear plant is located in Isfahan.

Iran will answer

Even before this possible attack by Israel, Iran's Foreign Minister Hussein Amir had warned that if Israel launches a counter attack, Iran will give a befitting reply. Now Israel has attacked.

missile defense system active

After media reports of Israeli attack surfaced, Tehran has activated the missile defense system. Israel has retaliated against Iran after the April 14 attack. Tension between the two countries started on April 1. Israel attacked Iran's embassy in Syria's capital, Damascus. After this, on April 14, Iran retaliated against Israel.