World / Argentina including many countries take Interest In Tejas Fighter Jet

Zoom News : Aug 27, 2022, 10:47 PM
Many countries around the world including Argentina have expressed their desire to buy India's fighter aircraft Tejas. The Ministry of External Affairs of India itself has confirmed that many countries of the world are willing to buy Indian fighter aircraft Tejas. External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar had made a two-day visit to Argentina for talks on Tejas. There are two major reasons behind why the Indian fighter aircraft Tejas is in demand in the world, it is more powerful and impactful than the JF-17 of China and Pakistan. Second Tejas is also cheaper in price than other fighter planes of the world.

Apart from Argentina, in recent times several countries including Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines have shown interest in buying Tejas aircraft. Recently, India with Argentina reviewed cooperation in the strategic areas of nuclear energy and space. In talks with the Argentine Foreign Minister Cafiero, talks were also held about the indigenous aircraft Tejas. According to the Indian Foreign Ministry, Argentina has shown interest in buying Tejas.

Why so much trust in Tejas

Actually, Tejas fighter aircraft is very important for the Indian Air Force. Tejas is a big and deadly weapon for the Air Force in the dual challenge against China and Pakistan on the LAC and LoC. China and Pakistan also understand this very well. However, he boasts of his JF-17 fighter aircraft compared to Tejas. Tejas is self-made by India whereas, JF-17 is jointly made by China and Pakistan.

Difference between Tejas and JF-17

The Tejas is much lighter and faster than the JF-17. It also has a more powerful engine than the JF-17. Its payload capacity is also high. Apart from this, Tejas has also been modified according to the needs of the Navy. This is the reason that Tejas is a more sophisticated and more capable fighter aircraft than China and Pakistan's JF-17.

A lifeline for low budget countries

The price of Tejas is much less than other fighter aircraft of the world. Whereas in terms of strength and bravery, it is heavier than other fighters. Tejas has been built as a light combat aircraft which is continuously updated over time. Tejas is a lifeline for defense low budget countries. There is also a record of Tejas that this fighter aircraft has never been a victim of any accident.