Nalanda University / Bihar CM Nitish Kumar said such a thing from the stage that even PM Modi could not stop laughing

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 19, 2024, 01:49 PM
Nalanda University: Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the new building of Nalanda University today. On this occasion, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said something from the stage that Prime Minister Narendra Modi could not stop laughing. Nitish said that just a few days ago when the news came that you are coming to inaugurate it, we felt very happy. After this, he laughingly said that you are here for the third time (coming to power for the third time at the center) ... then we felt very happy that you are coming. As soon as Nitish mentioned PM Modi's third time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi could not stop laughing.

Students from 17 countries are getting education

Nitish Kumar said in his address that Nalanda has been identified as a center of knowledge. Currently 400 students from 17 countries are studying here. The university campus has been made very beautiful. He said that Rajgir is the most ancient place in the world.

PM Modi planted Mahabodhi sapling

Prior to this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Gaya by special plane and from there reached the ruins of the ancient Nalanda University in Nalanda by army helicopter. After visiting the ruins, he reached the campus of the new university in Rajgir by road and inaugurated the university building. During this, PM Modi planted a Mahabodhi sapling.

Bakhtiar Khilji had set the fire

Let us tell you that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and former President APJ Kalam have contributed a lot in the construction of this university, due to which the history of 800 years old Nalanda University has been repeated. The ancient university was set on fire by Bakhtiar Khilji, due to which it has become a ruin today. 485 acres of land has been provided by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for the construction of the new university. Raw bricks have been used in its construction.