UGC NET Paper Leak / CBI officials who went to investigate in Bihar were attacked, vehicles were also vandalised

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 23, 2024, 07:49 PM
UGC NET Paper Leak: Villagers attacked the CBI team that had come to investigate the UGC NET paper case in Nawada, Bihar. Villagers mistook the CBI team for a fake team and beat up the officials involved in it. When they were convinced that it was the real CBI team, they were released. Four people have been arrested in this case.

The UGC NET exam was cancelled by the Ministry of Education. The investigation of this case has been handed over to the CBI. The team investigating the case had reached Nawada village in Bihar on Saturday night on the basis of mobile location. Here the team was questioning people when the villagers attacked the officials thinking them to be a fake CBI team. Vehicles were vandalized. When the officials introduced themselves, the villagers released them.

On Saturday at around 4 pm, the CBI team along with the Nawada police force was about to return after searching the house of Phoolchand Prasad and his wife Babita Devi, residents of Murhena's Kasiyadih village, when a crowd of about 200-300 people gathered. The villagers surrounded the CBI team in civil dress, calling them fake.

However, the CBI officials also showed their identity cards. Also, an attempt was made by female constable Kajal Kumari of Nawada Nagar police station to convince the people. Even after this, the crowd did not listen and started misbehaving with the officials. Seeing the matter escalating, the CBI team informed the police of Rajauli police station. Before the police could reach, the villagers attacked the CBI team. Sanjay Soni, who was driving the CBI team's vehicle, was injured in the attack.

It is being told that the CBI team had reached in search of a girl from Kasiyadih on the information given by a youth arrested in the UGC NET paper leak case. In the raid, the CBI team recovered two mobiles along with some bank passbooks and some documents related to UGC NET and took them with them.

What is the whole matter?

In Nawada, the officials of the CBI team, who reached from Delhi on the mobile location in the UGC NET paper leak case, were beaten up. This incident happened yesterday, the information of which has come to light today. The matter is of Rajauli.

During the investigation, the people of Kasiyadih village started beating the CBI team thinking it to be fake and vandalized the vehicles. The CBI investigation team included 4 CBI officers including a woman constable of Town Police Station of Nawada district.

The CBI team reached Kasiyadih village of Rajauli under the leadership of an inspector rank officer.

4 people arrested

Action has been taken in the case of attack on CBI team in Bihar and 4 people have been arrested. FIR has been registered against 200 unknown people in this case.