COVID-19 / Corona is Not Just Lung Disease it Can Also Cause Lethal Blood Clots says Experts

Zoom News : May 08, 2021, 12:26 PM
New Delhi: COVID-19 is not just a lung disease as was the earlier concept, but it can also cause a dangerous blood clot to form, which will need to be removed immediately so that the organs can be saved in some cases. Experts have said this. Research conducted globally suggests that 14 to 28 percent of hospitalized Kovid-19 patients have reported blood clotting, known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT). At the same time, two to five percent of patients had a case of arterial thrombosis.

Experts reported that the infection is also associated with blood cells along with the lungs. Dr. Angioma and In-Vet Surgeon of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi. Ambareesh Satwik said, "We are seeing five to six such cases every week on an average. Such a case is coming up every day this week. ''

Dr. of the heart department at Akash Healthcare, Southwest Dwarka. Amrish Kumar said that there is a case of blood clotting in such patients of Kovid-19, who have type-2 diabetes mellitus, although the exact cause is not yet known.

DVT is a serious condition in which blood clots accumulate in the nerves located inside the body. Arterial thrombosis is associated with clotting in the arteries. Satwik had earlier this week tweeted to draw attention to the association of Kovid-19 becoming a blood clot, in which he posted a picture of a blood clot formed in the artery of a limb of a patient suffering from Kovid-19.