COVID-19 Update / Coronavirus is not of today, it was spread in China 19 years ago!

Zoom News : Jul 27, 2021, 06:56 AM
Coronavirus, which originated from Wuhan, China, has created a ruckus all over the world. We have not yet recovered from the second wave that the possibility of a third wave is also being expressed. The world blames China for this 'trouble'. There are also allegations that China did not inform the world about Corona at the right time. He kept trying to hide the truth till the end. A report has further corroborated these allegations. Because according to the report, the first case of corona in China came 19 years ago.

Research has claimed that the first case of coronavirus was reported in 2002. According to the Daily Mail report, the first case of corona was reported in the year 2002 in Beijing, China. Then the corona infection spread to the chefs of many restaurants and butchers of meat shops in Guangdong, China.

According to the report, the symptoms of corona were seen at that time as well. Chefs and butchers who got infected with Corona had difficulty in breathing. The infected also had fever.

At that time, this infection spread in China, doctors were worried. People taking care of patients were also getting infected but somehow the infection was controlled at that time.

The report claimed, 'At that time it was a warning, which was mistaken to be ignored. Today the world is paying the price for it.

After controlling the corona in 2002, once again in 2019, the corona virus knocked. This time the nature of Corona was very dangerous. Along with China, Corona engulfed the whole world.