World / Covid outbreak in china sanya city more than 80000 tourist stucked

Zoom News : Aug 06, 2022, 04:20 PM
China : Corona has once again become uncontrollable in China. On Saturday, the authorities imposed a lockdown in the city of Sanya, which is called 'Hawaii' of China. Due to this, about 80 thousand tourists are stuck there. Officials have given instructions to take precaution in the entire city. Public transport has been banned in Sanya city since Saturday morning and movement of people has also been banned. Sanya city has a population of more than one million. Sanya, the capital of Hainan province, located on the southern coast of the country, is a tourist spot.

New challenge before China

This sudden jump in Corona cases has increased the challenges for China. Now it will have to make a lot of effort to strike a balance between the policy of zero covid and economic growth. At the same time, after this new lockdown, it is feared that domestic tourism will be badly affected. Let us inform that from August 1 to Saturday morning, a total of 455 corona cases were found in Sanya city. But after the start of the large-scale test, suddenly there was a situation of corona explosion. Hainan province's health commission Li Wengjiu told the Global Times that there is a BA5.1.3 variant. It was caught for the first time locally and its infection rate is also very high.

Air tickets are very expensive

After this, on Saturday morning, the authorities imposed restrictions, describing the situation as very serious. In Sanya city, through social media, an appeal has been made to the common people and tourists to understand the situation and give their support to the government in controlling this. According to state media, Sanya's deputy mayor He Shigang said that at present there are more than 80,000 tourists staying in Sanya. He said that before leaving Sanya, people should ensure that they have had two negative PCR tests within 48 hours. Meanwhile, air ticket prices have suddenly started rising and it is not clear how all the people stuck in the city will be able to get out.