Gyanvapi Masjid Case / Fast track court transfer from civil judge, next hearing on May 30

Zoom News : May 25, 2022, 05:46 PM
Hearing on the petition related to the worship of Shivling found in Gyanvapi Masjid of Varanasi will now be in fast track. This petition has been transferred from civil judge to fast track court. But today the judges of the fast track court are not available, so the hearing will be held on May 30. Judge Mayank Pandey will hear the matter. In fact, Kiran Singh, the International General Secretary of the Vishwa Vedic Sanatan Sangh, had filed a petition in the Varanasi Court on Tuesday. Accepting which the court gave today's date. Kiran Singh has demanded the handing over of the entire complex to the Hindus and worshiping the Wadi Gan in Gyanvapi, stopping the Muslims with immediate effect and demolishing the dome.

demand to demolish the dome

In fact, the International General Secretary of Vishwa Vedic Sanatan Sangh, Kiran Singh, had filed a petition on Tuesday in which he had demanded that the worship of Shivling found in the Gyanvapi Masjid premises should be allowed. At the same time, Jitendra Singh Bisen, head of Vishwa Vedic Sanatan Sangh said that three demands were made from our side. In which Muslims are prohibited from going to Gyanvapi, including the right to demolish the dome and worship the Shivling. Accepting the petition, the court fixed May 25 for hearing. Which has now been transferred to the fast track court. Jitendra Singh Bisen is the advocate of Rakhi Singh's case related to Maa Shringar Gauri case. The court has fixed 26 May for the hearing of which

When what happened in the Gyanvapi case?

  • In 1984, the talk of freeing Ayodhya and Mathura along with Kashi, three major religious places of Hindus, first arose in the Parliament of Religions of Delhi.
  • In 1991, Vyas ji, along with Harihar Pandey, etc., filed a petition in the Varanasi court, seeking to perform puja in the Gyanvapi complex and hand over the mosque.
  • In 1998, on the petition of Anjuman Intzamiya Masajid Committee, the Allahabad High Court stayed the hearing of the lower court.
  • In 2019, a petition was filed in the district court demanding a survey from the Archaeological Department of the Gyanvapi mosque complex.
  • In 2020, the Anjuman Arrangement Committee opposed the petition seeking a survey from the Archaeological Department. The dispute was still going on that on 17-18 August 2021, 5 women, including Rakhi Singh, filed this petition demanding daily worship and aarti at the Maa Shringar Gori temple located in the Gyanvapi mosque complex.
  • At the same time, on 26 April 2022, the Varanasi Court ordered a survey to be conducted with videography and photography in the Gyanvapi Mosque. After this, on May 6, the survey started in the Gyanvapi Masjid complex but could not be completed due to protests.
  • On 7 May, the survey team stopped the survey work. Anjuman Intzamiya Committee filed an objection in the court regarding the demand to replace the court commissioner Ajay Mishra.
  • After this, the court fixed the date of the survey on May 14, 15 and 16, appointing an assistant court commissioner Ajay Pratap Singh and special assistant commissioner Vishal Singh.
  • At the same time, after the survey, the Hindu side said that Shivling will be found in the mosque's Vazukhana. After which the court ordered to secure it at that place.
  • At the same time, petitions have been filed on all these matters from both the sides. Regarding which the court will hear on May 26.
  • At the same time, after getting the Shivling, now the Hindu side had sought permission to ban Muslims from visiting the Gyanvapi Masjid and worship. The hearing on which was to be held today.