Deepak Chahar / First cheating, then threatening to kill, misbehaving with Deepak Chahar's wife Jaya Bhardwaj

Zoom News : Feb 03, 2023, 06:22 PM
Deepak Chahar: Jaya Bhardwaj, wife of Indian cricketer Deepak Chahar, has received death threats. Jaya had given money to some people and when she asked for the money back, she got this threat. Deepak's father has lodged an FIR regarding this matter in Agra. The former Hyderabad Cricket Association official and his son have been accused of threatening Jaya. Deepak's father has alleged that when his daughter-in-law asked for her money back, he received death threats and was also misbehaved with her. Police has registered a case on the complaint of Deepak's father.

Actually, Jaya had given an amount of Rs 10 lakh to these people to start the business. Giving information to the police, Deepak's father Lokendra Chahar said that his daughter-in-law Jaya had partnered with Parikh Sports and Shop owner Ghruv Parikh and his father Kamlesh Parikh. Both of them were given Rs 10 lakh online on October 7, 2022. But after getting the money, the intention of both of them got spoiled and then they did not return the money.

Showed high reach

Deepak's father told that when Jaya demanded money, Kamlesh and his son showed their high status and threatened Jaya and also abused Jaya. Kamlesh has been the manager of the teams in HCA while his son has a shop named Parikh Sports on MG Road. Police has registered a case in this matter and started investigation. Police is collecting information about the owners of the firm.

Proposed in IPL match

Jaya and Deepak's love story came into the limelight when the Indian cricketer proposed Jaya on one knee in the stands after a match during IPL 2021. Deepak plays for Chennai Super Kings in IPL. Both of them got married in June last year. Jaya is a resident of Delhi. Deepak was out of the team for a long time due to injury. For this reason, he could not play in the T20 World Cup played in Australia last year. Due to this injury, he was ruled out of IPL-2022.