Chandra Grahan 2022 / First lunar eclipse of the year today, know all the important things related to it here

Zoom News : May 16, 2022, 07:58 AM
Chandra Grahan 2022: Today is the first lunar eclipse of the year. The lunar eclipse will start today at 07:58 am. The first lunar eclipse of this year is on Vaishakh Purnima, the date of the Hindu calendar. Poornima Tithi started on 15th May at 12:45 PM, which will end today, 16th May, Monday at 09:43 AM. Today is Vaishakh Purnima fast and there is an eclipse on the moon god. Lord Vishnu and Moon are worshiped on the full moon day. Today, after the end of the lunar eclipse, if you retire from bath etc. and worship the moon in the evening, then the lunar defect can be removed. Kashi's astrologer Chakrapani Bhatt is telling the time of Lunar Eclipse, Sutak period, place and other important things related to it.

First lunar eclipse of the year 2022

Today's lunar eclipse is happening at 07:58 am and it will end at 11.25 am. The total duration of the lunar eclipse is 03 hours 27 minutes. Rahu and Ketu will have bad eyesight on the Moon for 03 hours 27 minutes. After that there will be salvation of eclipse.

sutak period of lunar eclipse

The Sutak period of the lunar eclipse starts 09 hours before the start and ends with the end of the eclipse, but this lunar eclipse will not be visible in India, so it will not have a Sutak period.

Lunar eclipse will be visible at these places

The first lunar eclipse of the year will be visible in North-South America, Africa, Western Europe, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Antarctica etc.

Keep these things in mind during lunar eclipse

Do not eat or cook food during the lunar eclipse. It is also forbidden to sleep during this time. Worship God during this time. Pregnant women should also take special care. If the food is ready, then put Gangajal and Tulsi leaves in it, so that it becomes pure. After the eclipse is over, take a bath and wear clean clothes. Then do the worship.

donation of moon things

Today's lunar eclipse has occurred on the day of Vaishakh Purnima fast. In such a situation, at the time of worship, chant the Beej Mantra of Chandra Dev, Om Somay Namah. After that donate things related to Moon like pearls, white cloth, rice, curd, sugar, white flowers etc. By doing this the position of Moon in the horoscope is strengthened and Chandra Dosh gets removed.

lunar eclipse 2022 effect on zodiac signs

Aries: Woman suffers

Taurus: Happiness

Gemini: Anxiety about mental and physical disease

Cancer: child distress, state of depression

Leo: Achievement of unrealized Lakshmi

Virgo: Wealth Damage

Libra: Accident prone

Scorpio: Defamation

Sagittarius: unexpected profit

Capricorn: Happiness

Aquarius: Female suffering, failure

Pisces: Deathly Suffering

Donation to avoid bad results of eclipse

Donate black sesame seeds, white clothes, curd, sugar candy, silver moon in a bronze or flower pot and give it to Daridra Narayan.