Chandra Grahan 2022 / 'Supermoon' is over in India, know what to do immediately after the eclipse

Zoom News : Nov 08, 2022, 06:50 PM
Chandra Grahan 2022: The second and last lunar eclipse of the year has taken place today on the day of Kartik Purnima. Lunar eclipse will be visible in many cities of the country like Itanagar, Ranchi, Guwahati, Delhi, Mumbai, Patna, Noida etc., but first it has been seen in Itanagar of Arunachal Pradesh. Let us tell you that the lunar eclipse will be clearly visible in some places, while it will be partially visible at some places. In religion and astrology, the phenomenon of lunar eclipse, solar eclipse is considered inauspicious. Its effect will be seen on the life of the people of all zodiac signs. During this time it is forbidden not to do many works in astrology.

Do this work immediately after lunar eclipse

  • After the eclipse, the house is purified. Sprinkle Gangajal in every corner of the house. With this, the effect of the ill effects of eclipse ends.
  • Take a bath after the eclipse. It removes all kinds of side effects. During this, take a bath by adding Gangajal to the water. Also, wear new and clean clothes.
  • Tulsi leaves should be consumed by adding water to it.
Chant the Mantras of Lord Shiva

Chant the mantras of Lord Shiva during the eclipse. Let us tell you that the moon is present on the head of Lord Shiva. And those people whose moon is in weak position in their horoscope, they should chant the mantras of Lord Shiva during the lunar eclipse. Certainly the position of the moon will be good.

Donate these things after eclipse

In astrology, an eclipse is considered a very inauspicious event. It is said that after the eclipse, you should know some things with your own hands. During this, donating milk, rice, boora and other white foods is beneficial.

Lunar eclipse started visible in these cities including Kolkata

Lunar eclipse has started visible in many cities in India. It has also started appearing in Kolkata, Bhopal and Jaipur. In a short time, other areas of India will also start appearing in Ahmedabad, Mumbai etc.

Full lunar eclipse will be visible at these places in India

Kolkata at 4:52 pm

Patna at 5:00 PM

Ranchi at 5:03 pm

Bhubaneswar at 5:05 pm

Itanagar at 4:23 pm

Cuttack at 5:05 pm