Betrayal in Friendship / Friends threw sandy neck, came out of coma after 6 months, then heard the story of poverty

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 08, 2022, 08:53 PM
Betrayal in Friendship: Three of his own friends sanded the neck of a young man with a sharp weapon and threw him into the dam knowing he was dead. When someone saw the blood-soaked young man after hours, his family members got the news. He was admitted to the hospital. He remained in a coma for six months. His family members were hopeless about his life, but he finally returned from a coma a few days ago and after this he told the story of the betrayal of friends with a faltering tongue.

His own friends cut his neck and threw him

On Monday, the police recorded his statement and arrested one of the accused. This astonishing story is from the Pelawal OP area of ​​Hazaribagh city of Jharkhand. The name of the young man who returned from coma after about six months. It's meraj. He is a resident of Romi village. In the statement given to the police in the hospital itself, he has told that he had gone to visit the Chhadwa Dam area with his three friends. After eating and drinking on the dam side itself, his friends beat him badly due to a mutual dispute and cut the vein of his neck with a weapon. After that he was thrown into the dam. He has told that his neck was cut by Meraj alias Bunty, a resident of Rahmat Nagar, while two other friends supported him. He doesn't remember anything after that.

happened divided

Pelawal OP in-charge Abhishek Kumar said that the main accused Bunty has been arrested on the basis of the statement of the youth. Other accused will also be arrested soon.

Truth told with faltering tongue

According to the relatives of Meraj, who returned to a new life after a coma, when he was admitted to the Shaheed Sheikh Bhikhari Medical College Hospital in Hazaribagh in a badly injured condition, the doctors did not give any assurance about his life. He was lying on the bed in the hospital for six months. There was no movement in his body, but he remained alive. Parents and family members were engaged in his service. About a week ago, he started speaking with a faltering tongue. On Sunday, the doctors had informed the police about the youth coming out of the coma. Then he staggered and told the whole story. Meraj is still being treated in the hospital. He can no longer walk on his own. It is expected that with better treatment, he can recover completely.