Science / How much humans can live, scientists revealed

Zoom News : May 27, 2021, 10:52 AM
What have you heard about the oldest person? Whether he is 114 years old or 116 years old. But do you know that the maximum number of years a human being can live. Scientists have estimated that the maximum number of years a human being can live. According to a report published in Nature Communication, the maximum age of a human being can be 150 years. Let us know how scientists made these calculations.

Scientists in Singapore created special indicators to measure the maximum age of humans. These indicators are called Dynamic Organization State Indicators (DOSI). This shows the maximum age that a person's body can support. For this, blood tests have to be done in a special way. After examining the blood, these scientists made matches with their own indicators. Which showed that if the health was right and the conditions were favorable to the human body, then he could live for 150 years.

Researchers looked at age-related variables and age-reduction trajectories by putting them in a single metric. This brings out the maximum possible age. Age of aging refers to the situation in the language of biology when the body parts work less and the body is infected with diseases. Whether it is cancer, mental problems or heart related diseases. The second big reason is the continuous division of the DNA of the body. Because of this, diseases affect more and the body and its parts stop supporting.

Now let's talk about the age by blood test. Scientists took blood samples of humans of different ages. His complete blood count (CBC) was investigated. In this test, the amount of white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets present in the blood is seen. By looking at the trajectory of the decreasing age and the CBC data, it was found that at which age, which possible disease can affect what. Also, how many diseases can the body struggle with.

These indicators tell the physical ability of the body. The DOSI of people whose lifestyle is not good, they say that they live till a young age. DOSI is not always associated with serious illnesses. It determines the age of the body only on the basis of common diseases. This shows which side of the human body is going. For how many days can he remain healthy. If a person does not have any disease and his lifestyle is right, then he can become the owner of a long life.

When scientists examined healthy people, it was found that their DOSI can tell about possible diseases in the future, but does not warn of any disease in the present. Because their way of living is right. Then scientists looked at increasing the level of DOSI. So that the maximum possible age can be determined. Because DOSI increases with increasing age.

The correlation between DOSI and old age suggests that if all parts of the body are functioning in a balanced manner. There is no serious chronic disease. If the way of living life is right, then a person can attain the age of 120 to 150 years. Scientists also told that no matter how much technology may come in future, aging will not be reduced.

With increasing age, the physical and anatomical means of the body are less and less internal and internal. Diseases work more dangerously on this. Today, lifestyle related diseases are getting more. In such a situation, the average age of a human being is decreasing. No technique or therapy will work to increase the lifespan. For this, a person has to learn how to live a better life.