India / Intranasal Covid Vaccine Found Safe In Booster Trials said Bharat Biotech

Zoom News : Aug 15, 2022, 09:58 PM
New Delhi : Another big success can be achieved against the corona virus soon. The booster trial of the vaccine given through the nasal route has been successful. Bharat Biotech International Limited (BBIL) gave this information on Monday. The Indian pharma company said that it has completed Phase-III and booster dose trials for its intranasal Covid-19 vaccine BBV 154 and it has proved to be safe. The company said that the trial has proven to be better tolerated and immunogenic.

The vaccine manufacturer said in a statement issued here that the first and second phases of clinical trials of the potential vaccine were successful. BBV154 has been specially formulated to be administered through the nose. In addition to delivering a dose of the vaccine through the nose, it has been designed and developed to make it cost-effective for low- and middle-income countries. BBV154 has been developed in partnership with Washington University in St. Louis, according to the statement.

Bharat Biotech worked on the delivery system including pre-clinical safety assessment, large-scale manufacturing, formula and clinical trials on humans. The central government partly funded product development and clinical trials under the Department of Biotechnology's COVID Protection Program. According to the statement, the effect of BBV154 as a primary dose (the initial two doses) and the effect of giving BBV154 at the third dose to those taking two initial doses of other Kovid-19 vaccines were assessed.

Suchitra K Illa, Joint Managing Director, Bharat Biotech said, “Today, on the occasion of Independence Day, we are proud to announce the successful completion of clinical trial of BBV154 Intranasal Vaccine. We were committed and focused on innovation and product development and this is yet another achievement of Bharat Biotech's multidisciplinary team. It will be easy."