Special / Man Accidentally Falls Into Pit While Reversing Bike video goes viral

Zoom News : Aug 09, 2022, 10:01 PM
Special | A video of a bike rider falling into a deep pit has surfaced on the internet. This video post, which came on Twitter on Sunday, has been viewed more than 12 lakh times so far. It is seen in the video how this person riding the bike gets behind and falls into the pit. Different types of reactions of people are also coming out regarding this video. People are saying that traveling to the center of the earth...

A video of a man riding a bike is becoming increasingly viral on social media. It is seen in the video that the man starts reversing the bike on a busy road. He doesn't care about the pit behind. So he falls into a deep pit.

However, whether he can get out or not, it is not known. But this video has been viewed more than 12 lakh times on social media. Different reactions of people are coming out on the video. Some people are enjoying the person on this video. A user is saying... Journey to the center of the earth. Another user expresses concern about the man falling on the pit. Says he is fine.

Another wrote, "Not weird at all, I'm sure he got hurt, the motorcycles are heavy and I wonder how he'll turn out."

Another commented, "We hope he's got it right at the center of the Earth. At least he'll get there faster with a bike," while a fourth said "the gravitational pull, literally".

It is not yet known where the incident took place. The video also does not show how the person was later pulled over or rescued.